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Brandy de damasco
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Dot (by Jason Clapham) image

Dot (by Jason Clapham)

I've cut the overproof rum by a third from the original recipe to allow the other ingredients space to shine in this delicious Martini-like, dry and spirituous

Improved Improved Pendennis Club Cocktail image

Improved Improved Pendennis Club Cocktail

Dry sparkling wine dilutes and adds pleasing biscuity notes to this apricot gin sour.

The Slope image

The Slope

Stirred and spirit-forward and Manhattan / Brooklyn-like. Rye whiskey-based with aromatised wine complexity and apricot brandy adding flavoursome fruity

Walter's Waltz image

Walter's Waltz

Medium-dry, herbal, fruity, refreshing and delightfully different. Best served as an aperitivo.

Thuir Sour image

Thuir Sour

Perfectly balanced sweet and sour apricot with faint red wine notes.

Sunny Disposition cocktail image

Sunny Disposition cocktail

Slightly on the bitter side of bittersweet with gentian, jammy apricot and lemon juice over a tequila base.

Apricot Mango Cocktail image

Apricot Mango Cocktail

Just as it says on the tin. Rich tropical and orchard fruit, but not overly sweet with balancing lemon citrus acidity, orange bitters and underlying gin

Angel Face image

Angel Face

Rich apricot and apple with a backbone of botanical gin. Balanced rather than dry or sweet. This drink looks better when stirred but the Harry Craddock's

Smoked Maple image

Smoked Maple

This peaty-whisky-laced cocktail won't be to everybody's taste, but an Islay malt fan will most definitely approve.

Fairbanks No.1 image

Fairbanks No.1

Apricot liqueur dominates this cocktail but dry vermouth, dry gin, lemon juice, and dilution save it from excessive sweetness.

Sumo In A Sidecar image

Sumo In A Sidecar

Hints of sake but retains the Sidecar style.

The Comeback image

The Comeback

A complex cocktail with apricot fruit at the forefront and underlying fernet bitterness.

Genesis image


A spiced apricot daiquiri. Lemongrass is the stand-out ingredient that makes this cocktail interesting.

Praecocia Cocktail image

Praecocia Cocktail

Bourbon and apricot are a well-established match, and everybody who drinks Manhattan's will recognise how well sweet vermouth and bitters work with bourbon.

Empire of Dreams image

Empire of Dreams

A Pineapple Daiquiri with apricot and almond shaken with coffee beans. With good ice and a brisk shake, you'll be surprised how much the coffee beans are

Park Lane image

Park Lane

Gin, apricot and orange combine in this easy-drinking frothy topped cocktail.

Smoke and Mirrors No.2 image

Smoke and Mirrors No.2

A hardcore but sublime drink.

Tiki Max image

Tiki Max

This drink breaks the golden rule - simple is beautiful. However, it's tasty and packs a punch.

Holy Joe Cocktail image

Holy Joe Cocktail

An Irish whiskey-based, bittersweet aperitif cocktail that works equally well as a nightcap.

Periodista Daiquiri image

Periodista Daiquiri

An orange and apricot Daiquiri. Like most Daiquiris, the Periodista benefits from a little additional dilution, hence the chilled water in my recipe.

Dulchin image


This dry, amber coloured, fruity cocktail carries a pisco punch.

Goombay Smash image

Goombay Smash

The classic pineapple and coconut combo with a touch of rum funk and subdued apricot. Smashes are usually short drinks that include muddled mint. Strictly

Haystack Cocktail image

Haystack Cocktail

Zesty, bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour, this Haystack will make you salivate – a tasty bittersweet & sour aperitivo. John didn't specify a garnish and

Sunny Disposition Highball image

Sunny Disposition Highball

A bittersweet lemony aperitif cocktail which is also great on a sunny afternoon - indeed anytime you find yourself with a Sunny Disposition.

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