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Licor Crème de Banane
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Banana Calling image

Banana Calling

This short, sharp cocktail is best described as a Banana & Fino Sherry Gin Sour. The fino and banana notes are subtle, so subtle that it is not obviously

Bananarama image


Funky cachaça with rum and corn liqueur with the all-important banana flavours contributed by fresh overripe banana and banana liqueur.

Banana Bliss image

Banana Bliss

Banana liqueur and brandy go shockingly well together, here toned with sherry and bitters.

Banana Boulevardier image

Banana Boulevardier

Some things are just so wrong that they're not only right, but deliciously so. This riff on a classic Boulevardier is such a cocktail.

Banana Daiquiri image

Banana Daiquiri

A tangy banana drink that's not overly sweet and is more sophisticated than the uninitiated may expect.

Banana Daiquiri (shaken) image

Banana Daiquiri (shaken)

Perhaps better named a Sour Banoffee Daiquiri – what's not to like?

Banana Split image

Banana Split

A banana-flavoured after-dinner sipper of cocktail with coconut water subtly flavouring and smoothing cognac.

Banana Stand image

Banana Stand

Smoky whisky-laced rich delicately herbal banana. Not as challenging as this drink sounds and considerably tastier.

Bananarac image


Banana fruitiness subtly flavours and lightens a base of rye whiskey and cognac with absinthe adding delicate anise notes.

Banoffee Espresso Martini image

Banoffee Espresso Martini

A vodka Espresso Martini with the banana and toffee flavours found in the eponymous dessert.

Broadwalk Flyer image

Broadwalk Flyer

Sweet and sour with generous cachaça character enhanced by overripe banana and delicate herbal notes.

Carousel image


I had to boil a can of condensed milk for three hours to make the dulce de leche but its sweetened caramelised milk flavour is the heart of this unusual

Chiclet Daiquiri image

Chiclet Daiquiri

A wonderfully refreshing drink on a summer's day with surprisingly subtle flavours.

Dirty Banana image

Dirty Banana

Long, creamy and filling banana drink with a 'dirty' flavour and colour courtesy of coffee liqueur. The riper the banana used in this cocktail the better.

Elusive Dreams image

Elusive Dreams

A riff on the classic Hotel Nacional Special cocktail with rum-laced, sweet 'n' sour, tropical fruit and delicate cinnamon spice.

Fray Wray image

Fray Wray

Banana notes are subtle in this rum and cognac-laced sipper.

Funky Banana image

Funky Banana

Cachaça and overproof run provide the headline funk to this banana-flavoured spirituous tipple.

Iz Bananaz image

Iz Bananaz

Funky, bittersweet, and very refreshing.

Mad Monk Monkey image

Mad Monk Monkey

Monkey 47 tops a mad list of ingredients with a Monastic liqueur also influencing the name of this gin-laced herbal sour.

Monkey Business image

Monkey Business

Stop monkeying around and have a sip of this gin-forward banana summery cocktail.