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UB Ginza Old Fashioned 10.5oz
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Penicillin cocktail image

Penicillin cocktail

A Whisky Sour with honey richness, subtle smoke and enlivening ginger spice.

Irish Boulevardier image

Irish Boulevardier

Blended Irish whiskey replaces richer bourbon in this mellow yet dry riff on the classic Boulevardier.

Doubloon image


Rich Spanish cream sherry, pungent Jamaican rum and Italian bittersweet amaro are unlikely bedfellows but combine harmoniously in this late-night sipper.

Gin Basil Smash image

Gin Basil Smash

Jörg, the creator of this cocktail, says, Better too much, than not enough basil in this drink. He also specifies that the basil is muddled rather than

Old Barrel image

Old Barrel

Rye whiskey spice, herbal liqueur complexity and vinous sherry sit alongside each other in a harmonious trinity with dashes of aromatic bitters and lemon

S 'n' Emm image

S 'n' Emm

So named due to originally being made with Savoia, Mezcal and Montenegro. On the bitter side of bittersweet but eases with the dilution that comes with

Godfather Sour image

Godfather Sour

Rich almondy amaretto sweetens and flavours this Whisky Sour.

ItaliCup image


Sour grapefruit and sweet bergamot balance each other in this refreshingly light aperitivo.

La Condesa image

La Condesa

An late-night, spirituous cocktail to enjoy in place of an Old-Fashioned or Manhattan. The assertive character of mezcal means this cocktail also suits

South by Southwest image

South by Southwest

A riff on the classic Negroni created by Benny McKew. The popularity of this cocktail was much helped by its being written about by Gary gaz Regan. The