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Speakeasy Coupe 8.5oz
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Millionaire's Martini image

Millionaire's Martini

Usually, we'd follow convention and honour the Martini name with a V-shaped glass. However, due to the splash of champagne, a coupe seems more in keeping

Man O' War image

Man O' War

Zingy, sweet and sour, fruity and bourbon-laced. The sugar syrup is my own addition and depending on your lemons and tastes you may want to either omit

Jack Dempsey image

Jack Dempsey

Dilution makes or breaks this subtle, gin-laced Daiquiri variation.

Barbary Coast image

Barbary Coast

Cream and a touch of rich chocolate smooth scotch whisky and gin without smothering them. This may be a creamy drink but it remains 'serious' and far from

Three Storms Flip image

Three Storms Flip

Peaty smoky whisky subtly influences this complex and silky-smooth rum flip.

Honeysuckle Daiquiri image

Honeysuckle Daiquiri

A Daiquiri made with flavoursome honey in place of sugar, or a Bee's Knees with rum in place of gin. However you view this, it's damn tasty.

Satan's Whiskers (Straight) image

Satan's Whiskers (Straight)

Dry and citrusy with underlying piney gin and herbal complexity.

Turf Club Cocktail (Johnson's recipe) image

Turf Club Cocktail (Johnson's recipe)

Despite the maraschino liqueur, this Martini-style cocktail is dry and punchy.

Basil Gimlet image

Basil Gimlet

Balanced tangy citrus, fresh basil and gin botanical complexity.

Bee's Knees image

Bee's Knees

The combination of honey and lemon suggests flu relief but don't wait for an ailment before trying this soothing concoction. The beneficial addition of

El Presidente (Sloppy Joe's) image

El Presidente (Sloppy Joe's)

A splash of lime adds zesty citrus balance to this delicate rose-pink tinted rum and vermouth cocktail with a touch of pomegranate contributing fruity

Sidecar (Difford's spec.) image

Sidecar (Difford's spec.)

Cognac shines over freshening lemon and orange zestiness. Hopefully, you'll find this recipe perfectly balanced, but those with a sweet tooth may prefer

Darkside image


This gin, Barolo Chinato and Peychaud's bitters trio is remarkably reminiscent of a Negroni.

Ginger Cosmo image

Ginger Cosmo

Just what it says on the tin - your everyday Cosmopolitan but with extra vitality courtesy of a good whack of ginger spice.

Tequila Manhattan image

Tequila Manhattan

A Sweet Manhattan but with the distinctive herbal agave notes of tequila.

Zoom image


Cognac is smoothed with honey and softened with milk and cream in this classic cocktail.

Kingston image


Caraway (Kummel) and pimento spice (Allspice Dram) shine in this well-aged rum sour.

Prestige Cocktail image

Prestige Cocktail

Aged rum, pineapple and lime with delicate but enlivening clove spice.

Improved Dunlop Cocktail image

Improved Dunlop Cocktail

Rich and fruity tawny port sits beautifully with aged rhum agricole in this spirit-forward late-night sipper.

Sidecar image


Spirituous and just on the sour side, the sugar rim is considered by some to be integral to this classic cocktail. Dilution is key to perfecting a Sidecar

Barracuda image


There's a touch of Tiki to this pineapple rum sour that's made distinctive by peppermint and herbal flavours.

Algonquin image


Classically made with 2 parts whiskey, 1 part dry vermouth, and 1 part pineapple juice, this vintage cocktail is opened and improved by splitting the vermouth

Funky Pirate Daiquiri image

Funky Pirate Daiquiri

Spirituous enough for a pirate. Why the name? Well, one of the rums has some 'funk', both rums have nautical connections, the lime protects against scurvy,

Bee's Tease image

Bee's Tease

Assam tea adds delicate tannins and a touch of smoke to this honey gin sour.

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