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Pineapple Martini (Difford's recipe) image

Pineapple Martini (Difford's recipe)

There's a lot of Daiquiri going on in this very tasty vodka-based cocktail – indeed so much that we couldn't help trying the same drink with a rum base

Cherry Fruitini image

Cherry Fruitini

Cherry juice laced with vodka and the merest hint of sweetness. Almost a healthy Martini.

Raspberry Deluxe Martini image

Raspberry Deluxe Martini

A raspberry-infused sweet vodka martini.

Double Grape Martini image

Double Grape Martini

The wine adds complexity to this simple grape cocktail - hence Double Grape Martini.

Kiwi Fresh Fruit Martini image

Kiwi Fresh Fruit Martini

You may need to adjust the sugar depending on the ripeness of your fruit. Using kiwi sugar syrup helps boost this cocktail's flavour but, if your kiwis

Grapevyne image


Vodka-laced grape juice is delicious in this cocktail with layers of complexity thanks to judicious additions of characterful dry vermouth, Chartreuse,

Pompanski Martini image

Pompanski Martini

Zesty with the sharp freshness of grapefruit and a hint of orange rounded with dry vermouth.

Watermelon Fruitini image

Watermelon Fruitini

So fruity, you could almost convince yourself this is a health drink.

Francophile Martini image

Francophile Martini

A simple variation on the vodka-based French Martini adding gin and vermouth to help justify its Martini name.

Apple Martini (with apple schnapps) image

Apple Martini (with apple schnapps)

There are as many different recipes for this drink as there are varieties of apple and brands of apple liqueur: this one was popular in the UK during the

Watermelon Martini image

Watermelon Martini

Watermelon fruit shines in this medium-dry riff on a Vodka Martini.

Blackberry Martini image

Blackberry Martini

Berry nice! Was the comment from the other side of the bar when this lightly fruity, botanically influenced fruitini was first bar tested.

USB Cocktail image

USB Cocktail

Vanilla notes in the cognac sit beautifully with the pineapple juice while the acidity of the wine balances rich fruity sweetness.

Palermo image


This cocktail beautifully combines vanilla rum with tart wine and the richness of pineapple juice. Best made with a lightly aged (1-3 year old) light rum

Blackberry Fruitini image

Blackberry Fruitini

Vodka-laced rich blackberry fruit with faint zest orange.

French Cocktail image

French Cocktail

A simple riff on the French Martini swapping the usual vodka for the more French cognac. Fruity and easy drinking.

Vacation Martini image

Vacation Martini

A great-looking holiday (Tiki-style) cocktail with vanilla, coconut and pineapple.

Very French Martini image

Very French Martini

Cognac, pineapple juice and black raspberry liqueur. OK, so France is not known for its pineapples but I said 'very' not 'totally' French. And yes I know

Miami Beach image

Miami Beach

Fruity and frothy topped. Like Baywatch!

Mint Martini image

Mint Martini

An after-dinner palate cleanser.

Cassini image


A simple but pleasant spirituous berry drink. Not a Cassis Martini, but a Cassini.

Leave It To Me No.1 image

Leave It To Me No.1

Gin, apricot, vermouth and lemon create an old-fashioned but well-balanced drink.

Passion Fruit Cocktail image

Passion Fruit Cocktail

Full-on passion fruit with gin and citrus.

Lemon Meringue Martini image

Lemon Meringue Martini

Slightly creamy consistency, this tangy lemon drink is indeed reminiscent of the eponymous dessert.

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