Global Winner
Global Winner

Global Winner

The winning bar team of the Bols Around the World global bartending competition has been announced!

From 250 entries from bar teams in over 40 countries it was Team Canada, from The Botanist Bar, who were crowned 'Bols Master Bar Team 2019' on 19 June 2019. At the grand finale, which took place on Bols Cocktail Street in Amsterdam, the Canadian team competed against five other international bar teams for the world title and trip to a city of their choice.

Guests at the event had the chance to taste each of the competing teams' cocktails in one of six bars. The teams were judged not only on their drinks but the team spirit they demonstrated throughout the competition.

The judging panel consisted of leading lights in the bar industry; Ivar de Lange, Ryan Chetiyawardana, Boudewijn Mesritz & Lydia Soedadi, and Steve Schneider.

There were two cocktail challenges; one of which was in the street, and a mystery challenge which was judged in the Bols Bartending Academy. For this challenge, bar teams were asked to create a cocktail inspired by a Dutch master painting.

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The winners - the Botanist Bar Team

The team from the Botanist bar was made up of Grant Sceney, Jeff Savage and Max Curzon-Price. Since opening in Vancouver, Canada in 2017, the bar has been recognized internationally as one of the 'World's Best New Bars' by Condé Nast. The Canadians took over Lion Noir, serving their winning cocktail 'Into the Æther', which fits into Botanist's laboratory style cocktails, and embody a specific element of nature (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water). Watch their competition entry and view their cocktail here.

Congratulations to the winning team and all the finalists for making Bols Around the World 2019 such a success!

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