Meister Hunter

2020 final

Jägermeister's Meister Hunter 2020 came to an exciting conclusion on 18 June 2020, bringing ten UK bartenders together via Zoom to showcase their cocktail creations to the panel of judges. Watch the highlight reel from the final in the video above.

The first stage of Meister Hunter invited bartenders to enter a video of themselves creating home cocktail creations.

Following the announcement of the top ten competitors, a set of boxes were sent to each finalist, one for each judge. Finalists were challenged to create a home delivery experience and present their idea on Zoom. In preparation for the big day, competitors were given a £40 budget to put towards their creations, as well as a bottle of Jägermeister, Jägermeister Manifest and Jägermeister Cold Brew. The home delivery boxes were then sent to the judges; Florian Beuren, Mast-Jaegermeister UK Brand Ambassador, Simon Webster, BarLifeUK, Marian Beke, The Gibson Bar, Ellie Reaside, the Meister Hunter 2019 champion, and our very own Simon Difford.

On 18 June 2020, finalists presented their home delivery cocktail experience on Zoom, while judges opened their cocktail boxes and made the drinks for themselves at home to enjoy. After consideration of all drinks, box experiences and Zoom presentations, judges named Benji Davies of Little Mercies in London the overall winner. He received the top prize of £3,000, while second place was awarded to Hannah Lockett of Petit Café Du coin, Liverpool, who received the £1,500 prize, and third place went to Cai Anderson, formerly of the Brick House Social in Manchester, who won the third prize of £500.

Congratulations to the finalists, who all showcased brilliant home delivery experiences.

Follows, all recipes from the ten finalists of Jägermeister Meister Hunter 2020.

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Benji Davies

Little Mercies, London

The Shaolin Monk

10ml Jägermeister
25ml Jäger (washed with sesame seed oil)
20ml Fermented ginger wine,
15ml Sugar
10ml Rice water
Top with soda

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Hannah Lockett

Petit Café Du coin, Liverpool

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The Saxon Spritz

35ml Jägermeister
30ml Cherry Shrub
25ml Dandelion & Burdock
15ml Dry Vermouth
Top with tonic

Cai Anderson

Formerly 'Brick House Social', Manchester

Master or Meister

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40ml Jägermeister Manifest
15ml Gin Sul
10ml Cold Brew & Soy tincture
35ml Hunters shrub
75ml Coconut & Mango Soda
Orange bitters

Coconut & Mango Granita
Spherication of hunters shrub
Hunters shrub jelly flowers
Cold Brew jelly flowers soy caviar
Consomme of manifest
Gin sul

Andrew Meltzer

Happiness Forgets, London

ency 81 image

Brothers and Sisters

56ml Jägermeister Cold Brew
25ml SLYRS 3-year single malt German whiskey infused with blanched almonds and golden raisins
5ml Ancho Reyes ancho chili liqueur
2 thin slices Navel orange
Float of Honey-cardamom cream
Grated cinnamon

Tatjana Sendzimir

Fam Bar, London

ency 73 image

Lil Love Dumpling

35ml Jägermeister Cold Brew (infused with Lux Marachino Cherries)
12.5ml Campari (infused with fresh cherry)
12.5ml Singani (infused with apricot & sugar)
12.5ml Rye (fat washed butter breadcrumb)
12.5ml Cocchi Torino

Stevie Kane

Baccarat Bar (Harrods), London

ency 20 image

Waldmeister Highball

35ml Jägermeister Manifest
40ml Cidre Breton (1% citric acid)
2 dash Angostura bitters
1 pinch Liquorice salt
Top with Woodruff & kampot red pepper soda

Matthew Ball

Papillon, Liverpool

ency 42 image

Meister Milk Punch

120ml (serves 3) Jägermeister
120ml Bacardi coconut rum
120ml Pineapple juice
50ml Black tea
50ml Lemon juice
50ml Whole milk

Tomislav Pandza

Fumo, Birmingham

ency 70 image

When Hunter Met Strawberry

35ml Jägermeister
10ml Lillet blanc
Top with Strawberry Kvass (500ml boiled water cooled down, 300g strawberries, 100g white sugar)

Bianca Hajnal

200 Degrees, Nottingham

ency 26 image


45ml Jägermeister Cold Brew
5ml Orange Oleo saccharum
15ml Homemade elderflower syrup
15ml Lemon juice
7.5g Homemade tahini

Ryan Snedden

Tigerlily, Edinburgh

ency 57 image

Ebb & Flow

50ml Jägermeister
10ml Spiced beer syrup
2.5ml Coconut vinegar
5ml Egg white
Mango & coriander citric

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