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Tulip Punch Bowl Set image

Tulip Punch Bowl Set

This Tulip Bowl punch set, complete with bowl, 12 glasses and ladle, was designed by Amsterdam’s Robert Schinkels. So good is his design that it won h...

Zester and Canale Cutter image

Zester and Canale Cutter

Beaumont's robust zester and canale cutter designed for citrus fruits serves as an excellent instrument for cocktail bartenders, enabling swift zestin...

WMF Barista Honey/Syrup Dispenser image

WMF Barista Honey/Syrup Dispenser

A well-made and practical honey/syrup dispenser made from 18/10 Cromargan stainless steel and glass with a silicone gasket to ensure a tight seal. ...

Easy Jigger image

Easy Jigger

The Easy Jigger® is a measure designed for use when making cocktails, primarily in the home but also by professional bartenders. It has a unique desig...

Cocktail Kingdom Blue Blazer Mugs image

Cocktail Kingdom Blue Blazer Mugs

A set of two silver-plated brass traditional Baluster blazer mugs designed by Cocktail Kingdon in collaboration with David Wondrich.

Le Verre de Vin+ Dual Portable Tower image

Le Verre de Vin+ Dual Portable Tower

If you drink or serve wine, or make cocktails, a Bermar preservation system is a must-have. If you’re a cocktail bartender then I’d recommend a Compac...

Urban Bar Coley Diamond Cut Mixing Glass 35oz image

Urban Bar Coley Diamond Cut Mixing Glass 35oz

Calabrese Footed Stirring Glass image

Calabrese Footed Stirring Glass

Calabrese Mixing Glasses are handmade with a heavy-footed base that makes them easy to pick up from an upturned draining position and stable when in u...

Urban Bar Coley Mixing Glass 35oz / 100cl image

Urban Bar Coley Mixing Glass 35oz / 100cl

Kyocera Electric Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener image

Kyocera Electric Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Urban Bar Biloxi Julep Strainer image

Urban Bar Biloxi Julep Strainer

This julep strainer from Urban Bar features a scalloped edge and lots of small holes. As with any julep strainer, this has been designed for use with ...

Super Aladin Aromatizing Smoker image

Super Aladin Aromatizing Smoker

Bonzer Heritage Hawthorne Strainer image

Bonzer Heritage Hawthorne Strainer

Bonzer’s Heritage Hawthorne Strainer is designed to fit snugly into the top of a 28oz shaker can and retain ice while a cocktail is poured. (It also f...

Birdy Bar Spoon image

Birdy Bar Spoon

The Birdy by Erik Lorincz Bar Spoon has a unique design and is functional and stylish.

Birdy 3-Piece Shaker (small 350ml) image

Birdy 3-Piece Shaker (small 350ml)

The Birdy 3-piece Cocktail Shaker (small 350ml) is an elegant example of Japanese design and technology and is the best example we have seen of a smal...

Birdy 3-Piece Shaker (large 500ml) image

Birdy 3-Piece Shaker (large 500ml)

The newer, larger version of the Birdy 3-piece Cocktail Shaker, with a capacity of 500ml.

Bonzer Heritage Sprung Julep Strainer image

Bonzer Heritage Sprung Julep Strainer

Designed to nestle in a mixing glass, the Bonzer Heritage Sprung Julep strainer is perfect to strain stirred drinks (and retain ice in the mixing glas...

Bonzer Black Muddler Serrated image

Bonzer Black Muddler Serrated

Bonzer’s Black Muddler is a 200ml long stainless-steel and tough plastic muddler which (unlike wooden equivalents) is dishwasher safe. Its serrated ba...

Bonzer Heritage Boston Shaker Set image

Bonzer Heritage Boston Shaker Set

Released in August 2021, Bonzer's new two-piece boxed Boston Shaker set comprises both 28oz (820ml) and 20oz (590ml) stainless steel tapered conical t...

Bonzer Telescopic Bar Spoon image

Bonzer Telescopic Bar Spoon

As the name suggests, this stainless-steel bartending stirring spoon extends and collapses, from 415mm long to a pocket-friendly closed length of just...

Bonzer Mexican Elbow Citrus Press image

Bonzer Mexican Elbow Citrus Press

Bonzer’s Citrus Press, the style known as a Mexican Elbow, allows easy, quick, and efficient juicing of both lemons and limes. Its stainless-steel con...

Bonzer Lewis Bag image

Bonzer Lewis Bag

Bonzer's Lewis Bag is made from strong and durable natural twill cotton and is designed to hold cubed ice to be smashed into crushed ice by hitting th...

Calabrese Bar Spoon image

Calabrese Bar Spoon

The Calabrese Bar Spoon is made out of 0.9mm 18/8 Japanese stainless steel with a polished finish. The long slender twisted stem leads to approx. 5ml ...

Wooden Ice Mallet image

Wooden Ice Mallet

Wooden Mallet with a solid head and angled striking faces for use in conjunction with a Lewis Bag to make crushed ice (from cubed ice), or for use wit...

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