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Lucinda began her segue into bartending by packing up her SUV in Denver and embarking on a cross-country road trip to the East Coast. The NYC pit stop became a permanent residence. Over ten years later, and Lucinda calls NYC home, exploring the arts scene through music, fashion and photography and travels around the world striving to be a well-rounded bartender.

Starting in the industry by being introduced to Sasha Petraske, she served at Milk & Honey, Little Branch, and became a partner and bartender at Middle Branch.

Other interests include Veritas, Rocky Slim’s and organizations such as LUPEC.

Lucinda was a Finalist in the Peter F. Heering Sling Awards 2013.

“Using the famous Cherry Heering!”

Lucinda’s Sterling Sling

Glass: Collins
Garnish: Pineapple wedge & mint sprig
Method: Dry shake first 7 ingredients (without ice) add ice to shaker and shake again. Strain into ice-filled glass and top with soda.

• 1 oz Cherry Heering
• 1 oz fresh pineapple
• ¾ oz Beefeater gin
• ½ oz Drambuie
• ½ oz Lime juice
• ½ oz Pomegranate syrup
• 1 fresh Egg white
• top with soda

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