Endereço: 186 Bath Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G62 4HG, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 141 552 4494
website: View bar's website
Horário: Mon-Thu 5pm-3am, Fri 4pm-3am, Sat 5pm-3am
Estilo: Lounge bar
Recomendado para: Ambiente
Faixa de preços: Mediano
Comida: Porções & pratos

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Avaliação last reviewed on 2009-11-26

Craven Images, one of Scotland's leading design houses, has breathed its magic over this four floor venue to create an eclectic mix of different spaces with features including a Balearic basement bar, a club space, karaoke party pods and chairs hanging from the ceiling.

The decor ranges from wall of shuttlecocks to a staircase which while inside has
walls finished to make it feel alfresco. Bird cages inhabited by chunky candles are surrounded by a flock of white namesake hummingbirds. If that were not enough, add Ipod docking stations, dressing up kits and Wii rooms, private mini fridges on bench-like tables. Hummingbird comes into its own late night with a club vibe, a great sound system and live video feeds in all rooms.

The cocktail menu imaginatively lists drinks under the headings of legendary clubs such as the Haciender and the Stork Club but sadly in my experience the cocktails don't always live up to their billing.

A stunning space trying to live up to its own multi-floored, multifaceted (perhaps over) ambitions.

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