Peg and Patriot

Endereço: Patriot Square, Town Hall Hotel, London, E2 9NF, United Kingdom
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Horário: Tues-Thurs 5pm-midnight; Fri-Sat noon-1am; Sun 2pm-11pm; Mon closed
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Estilo: Bar de hotel
Recomendado para: Coquetéis
Faixa de preços: Mediano
Comida: Bar snacks

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Avaliação last reviewed on 2016-10-04

Located in the Town Hall Hotel, Peg + Patriot is a delightful oasis of expert mixology in sharp contrast to the urban bustle of Cambridge Heath Road.

The space has plenty of natural light while the sun is still out and, thanks to all the polished bar surfaces, it looks stunning. The island bar dominates the sleek modern room, framed by low-hung exposed lights while fixed couches line the walls, allowing guests to chose how much interaction they want with the bartenders.

Cocktails are formidable. Expect comforting drinks alongside ones which will challenge flavour concepts and expand drinking palates. This is one bar we would recommend engaging with your server and asking questions about each cocktail.

Service was impeccable and while it's still a charming space on quieter evenings, the bar comes to life as it fills up, creating a warm buzzy atmosphere. A must visit on any journey east.

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