Nottingham Forest

Endereço: Viale Piave 1, Milan, 20129 , United Kingdom
Tel: +39 (0)279 8311
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Horário: Mon-Sat 6pm-2am, Sun 6pm-1am
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Estilo: Bar de coquetéis
Recomendado para: Coquetéis
Faixa de preços: Mediano
Comida: Bar snacks
Proprietário: Dario Comini

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Avaliação Escrito por Simon Difford on 2015-11-18

My long-time favourite bar in Milan, Nottingham Forest combines the fun of Tiki, the experimentalism of molecular mixology and the service ethics of a five-star hotel with the warmth of Milanese hospitality. For owner and bartender Dario Comini, this small bar is a labour of love. He is both seemingly always behind the bar and always smiling, although he does take a well-earned holiday each January when he shuts from Christmas to around the 20th - be warned.

The décor has been described as a "mix of pub and jungle", and while lounging at the tables towards the back of the room is a delightful way to spend an evening, being sat at the bar is like having front seats at the theatre, as advanced methods are used to produce one delightfully presented drink after another - each seemingly with its own bespoke vessel and serving ritual.

Many bars profess to use molecular mixology but while very clever the drinks produced are often less than enjoyable. However, here these methods are deployed to not only surprise and excite the drinker, but most importantly to also produce cocktails that taste good - the kind of drinks that demand the ordering of a second.

Given the Tiki influence, rum is not surprisingly something of a speciality here and you'll find a superb selection, including Roomdi, Nottingham Forests own blend.

This bar is one of the world's best so understandably it is a must-visit for both locals and visitors to the city. Nottingham Forest also does not take reservations so you are advised to arrive early or be prepared to wait patiently for a space to become available. It is well worth the wait.

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