The Barking Dog

Address: Sankt Hans Gade 19, Nørrebro, Copenhagen, 2200, Denmark
Tel: +45 (0)35 361 600
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Mon-Thu 4pm-1am, Fri-Sat 4pm-2am, Sun 4pm-midnight
Door: Open door
Style: Cocktail bar
Recommended for: Cocktails
Price guide: Middling
Food: No food

Review Words by Camper English on 2013-03-28

Located across the river from central Copenhagen in Nørrebro, The Barking Dog is a petite neighbourhood cocktail bar, set a couple of steps down from street level.

The venue has a small bar room, a larger seating room, and a couple other little seating nooks. With black and white checkered floors, white walls, low ceilings, and a mismatched collection of red couches and stools, the place has the look of a really cool basement recreation room. The funky jazz coming from a vinyl record player at the end of the bar, board games available to borrow, and a specialty drink served in a Magic 8-Ball only add to this vibe. The beverage focus is on Latin cocktails and specifically tequila and mezcal, with drinks like the Mexican 8-Ball served in the aforementioned container, and a coffee-mezcal Daiquiri. All of it is offered with good cheer from staff that seem to know every customer who comes in.

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