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Words by Simon Difford on 09-Feb-2014

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Address: House of Bols, (opposite Van Gogh museum), Amsterdam, 1071 CZ, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20 570 8575
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Sun-Thu noon-18:30. Fri noon-10pm, Sat noon-8pm (last entry hour before closing)
Door: Expect entry charge
Style: Tasting House
Recommended for: Cocktails
Price guide: Value
Food: No food
Owned by: Lucas Bols


The aptly named Mirror Bar is located in the House of Bols and unsurprisingly it boasts the best stocked liqueur bar in Amsterdam. To gain access you'll first have to take a tour which includes a test of your senses in the Hall of Taste. Bols has 36 liqueurs - see how many you can accurately identify. The tour costs a mere €14.50 and includes a cocktail and a shot of any Bols liqueur or genever.

The bar lies at the end of the tour but before you enter the eponymous mirrored room, choose a drink from the Bols Cocktail selector. Follow the onscreen instructions and choose from simple to complex, fruity to aromatic. Select one of the cocktails recommended to suit your tastes, print your prescription and hand it to one of the friendly bartenders. Drinks are well-made and additional cocktails are a mere €6.50 a pop.

The wall to ceiling mirrored room doesn't have seating so there's a limit to how long you'll want to hang around but be sure to have a go in the flair booth where you can try out your skills.

This is a place to visit during the day rather than the evening.

Bols Mirror Bar image 1
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