Words by Wesley Straton on 26-May-2016

Address: Thames 878, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +(54) 11 4773-1098
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Mon-Fri from 7:00 pm, Sat-Sun from 8:00pm
Door: Open door
Style: Speakeasy
Recommended for: Cocktails
Price guide: Middling
Food: Plates & dishes


When it started in 2004, Ocho7Ocho was strictly cool kids only: a speakeasy where only the best-looking and best-liked porteños could gain entry. Those days, for better or for worse, are
over. It's still deliberately unmarked, but its name refers to the street address and if that's still not easy enough, the big friendly bouncer out the front will tip you off.

The funky, spacious front room provides ample bar seating and an alternative, old-school vibe enhanced by the classic rock and soul blaring from the speakers. Staff are capable if not always attentive and an impressive cocktail menu is augmented by rotating specials. It boasts one the best whisky selections in the city, as well as an extensive wine list, an excellent food menu, and a secret back room where punters can buy and smoke cigars. It's too-cool days may be over, but it's still a popular spot with discerning locals—and here, too, the waits can get very long once the venue fills up.