Loose Cannon Cocktail Bar

last reviewed on 20-Feb-2019

Address: Unit 1b, Bristol, BS1 5SZ, United Kingdom
Website: Not supplied
Style: Cocktail bar
Price guide: Middling
Established: June


In the heart of Bristol’s harbourside is Loose Cannon, a cocktail bar with quirky personality that appeals to Bristol's student scene. It has heaps of creative character, well-made drinks and out-there garnishes. Local artists display their work inside in the bar, pieces which also reflect the creative ambience.

Colourful recipes fill the menu. Among the inventive cocktails is Unicorn Tears made with raspberry sorbet, orange flower water, gin, pineapple & lemon juice. Pop culture and modern-day references bounce off the pages, from Trump, to Donky Kong and Brexit. And the delightful team is more than skilled to create both house recipes and classic cocktails as well.

It’s a fun experience - drinks are cool and the place has a real eccentric charm.