Dry Milano

Photography by Dry Milano

Words by Mattia Pastori and Marianna Piva on 21-Mar-2019

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Address: Via Solferino 33, Milano, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)263793414
Email: info@drymilano.it
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Mon Closed, Tue-Sun 18:00-02:00
Door: Open door
Style: Cocktail bar
Price guide: Value
Food: Full menu
Established: 2013


When Dry opened its doors it was the first Cocktail bar in Milan to offer the combination of cocktails and food. Which food could not be better than Pizza! For Italians nothing is better than Pizza.

After their opening, many places in Milano followed their amazing concept. "Dry" in Italian means "Secco" by contrast when you enter the atmosphere that you feel is friendly and hospitable. People are ready to enjoy good cocktails and share time with you even if they don’t know you, so don’t be upset if you are alone, the place is very international and all the tables are like sharing tables.

Is very easy to find new friends and share pizza and cocktails with them. Dry is a mix of modern and classic design. Contemporary furniture with a touch of classic given by paintings rediscovered in the walls. The paintings are dated 1800.

The cocktail that we suggest you to try is the N° 007 ( each cocktail has a number instead of a name ) which is a twist and a combination of a Paloma and a Margarita. Made with Tequila, roasted mango, grapefruit, rose cordial and a touch of Cynar.

All the cocktails are created by the bar manager Federico Volpe.

Note. The pizzeria closes at 1am.

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