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last reviewed on 01-Nov-2011

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Address: Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 495 787 9800
Website: Not supplied
Door: Make reservation
Style: Cocktail bar
Recommended for: Cocktails


City Space is where the Moscow cocktail scene really got going and is probably the best-known bar, internationally. It is the spiritual home of the Russian Cocktail Club and can be found on the 31st floor of the SwissĂ´tel. Famous the world over for its panoramic views of the city, there is no better place to watch fireworks or the sun setting.

There is a separate lift which goes all the way to the 31st floor from the back of the lobby (it's the second one on the right), and again, a reception welcomes you immediately as the doors open. The bar itself is up one more flight of stairs and faces you (with its back facing northwards) and is immediately recognisable to those who may have seen bar manager Bek Narzi's year-long cocktail slot on CNN. Passing at least a few hours here is as good a place as any to start your evening out, as the drinks are very good and guests are always well looked after to the point of being spoiled, though be warned: it is very expensive. 4.5/5

Separately, 60 is another new venture from the RCC. It's actually on the 62nd floor of a recently completed office building in Moscow's up-and-coming business district. The bar itself is a low-set marble table top with ice wells and working space cut directly into it. The drinks crafted here are nothing short of exceptional.

This has come to be expected from the respected Russian Cocktail Club, so the quality is not much of a shock. What is surprising is the swimming pool at the back of the bar. Designed to be a party centrepiece, this is yet another new and interesting USP that 60's wealthy customers are almost certainly going to take advantage of.

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