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Edinburgh is a city of many faces. It is home to Braveheart and to Trainspotting, to the Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh Festival. Its architecture, from its craggy hilltop Castle winding down to its Old Town medieval closes is hugely atmospheric. You can wander and wander and still find a surprise round the next corner, anything from a quirky shop to an artisan deli.

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Edinburgh is truly one of the great drinking cities of the world with the full range of bars. Its cocktail bartenders seem to strive to outdo one another in creating imaginative new drinks and in both their bars and their cocktails the city punches well above its relatively small size - its best challenging the best in London.

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Edinburgh's best cocktail bars


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To quote owner Jason, "Named for Dick Bradsell's modern classic cocktail, Bramble is by name as Bramble is by nature: uncomplicated, inventive and downright tasty." 4.5/5

The Bon Vivant

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Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant is a charming little place with the feel of an old-fashioned tea-shop. Defined as 'a person who enjoys the good things in life, especially good food and drink' this is truly a bar for Bon Vivants. 4.5/5

Panda and Sons

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Panda and Sons

We loved this new inclusion to the Edinburgh scene, and with some great bartenders behind the stick it's sure to become a staple of the city. Delightful. 4.5/5

Lucky Liquor Co

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Lucky Liquor Co

A quirky bar that is styled somewhere between soda parlour, ice cream shop and cocktail bar, Lucky Liquor is aptly named after the fact the bar carries just 13 types of alcohol. 4/5

Devil's Advocate

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Devil's Advocate

From the owner of Bon Vivant comes the Devil's Advocate, a bar and restaurant situated in the historical Old Town of Edinburgh, in a modernised Victorian pump house tucked away in Advocates Close. 4/4

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