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World Nutella Day

Is Nutella one of your guilty pleasures? If so, today is for you. For the shamelessly sugary gloop known as Nutella - we're sorry, the delicious hazelnut

Pisco Sour (Difford's recipe) image

Pisco Sour (Difford's recipe)

All the Peruvian bartenders I've met prefer their Pisco Sours blended rather than shaken. Indeed, it is a brilliant cocktail when blended but I prefer

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Dirty Shirley

Fruity, refreshing, slightly sweet and mildly alcoholic.

Cab Calloway image

Cab Calloway

A sherry-forward, rye whiskey-laced aperitivo with delicate rich apricot.

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Quinquina and spirituous spice from the whiskey and run balance the rich notes of the raisiny sherry and particularly the nutty orgeat. Dilution also seems

Negronic image


A cocktail which Robert Simonson, the creator's partner, aptly describes as Negroni crossed with a Gin & Tonic. It is surprisingly delicious with the bitter

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Frank Lloyd Wright

An Old Fashioned-style cocktail with pear and walnut liqueurs along with a touch of peated malt whisky.

ONIS glassware image

ONIS glassware

Made by Leerdam Crisal Glass, the ONIS glassware range is designed specifically for the hospitality industry and many of these glasses benefit from Xtratuff

Difford’s Guide to Cocktails Book 17th Edition image

Difford’s Guide to Cocktails Book 17th Edition

Perhaps the world's biggest cocktail book! Certainly, our biggest yet, 624 pages, 6cm (2.3inch) thick and weighing 2.25kg (5lb). Our Seventeenth Edition

Peaty Monte image

Peaty Monte

Peated whisky replaces mezcal in this riff on the bartenders' favourite M&M.

Cherry Bakewell image

Cherry Bakewell

I've seen the same cocktail with equal parts amaretto, cherry brandy and vermouth but's a recipe for an overly sweet cocktail – even for a dessert cocktail.

Midnight Bouquet image

Midnight Bouquet

Spirit-forward and bittersweet with faint floral elderflower and whisps of mezcal.

Undead Gentleman image

Undead Gentleman

This riff on Donn Beach's classic Zombie has a tad more gentlemanly refinement in its serve but doesn't hold back in flavour.

Belvedere No. 1 image

Belvedere No. 1

As its creator says, a split-base sour for lovers of the Sidecar.

Nearest And Dearest No.2 image

Nearest And Dearest No.2

A bittersweet, hibiscus Old Fashioned.

Rising Sun image

Rising Sun

Lovechild of the Mezcal Margarita and the Hemingway Special Daquiri.

Monte Carlos image

Monte Carlos

The honeyed botanical notes of Bénédictine combine brilliantly with añejo tequila to amplify pleasing earthy notes in the agave. A brilliantly simple

Golden Glow No.2 image

Golden Glow No.2

Adapted from a recipe in Stanley M. Jones' 1977 Jones' Complete Barguide.

Olympic Class image

Olympic Class

Créole shrubb replaces orange curaçao in this riff on the classic, equal parts, Olympic cocktail which was named after the RMS Olympic, an Olympic-class

Safe Word image

Safe Word

The Last Word meets the 20th Century.