World Rabies Day image

World Rabies Day

Rabies is one of the world's most fatal diseases causing thousands of deaths every year and World Rabies Day is aimed at spreading awareness and advice

Last Word cocktail image

Last Word cocktail

Made with gin, Green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and lime juice, traditionally in equal parts, shaken with ice and served straight-up, the Last Word

Autumn / Fall Cocktails image

Autumn / Fall Cocktails

Summer is fading, leaves are starting to scatter the ground and the weather is turning chillier. It's not yet time for winter warmers, but crushed ice-charged

Queen Elizabeth image

Queen Elizabeth

A vintage cocktail that's befitting to toast the longest reigning, most respected, and the greatest ever monarch of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

Dubonnet Cocktail No.1 image

Dubonnet Cocktail No.1

Simple yet complex. Dry and aromatic.

Negroni Cocktail image

Negroni Cocktail

One of, if not the simplest of classic cocktails has formed the base for so many contemporary variations.

Ketel One Garnished with Good image

Ketel One Garnished with Good

Enjoying a cocktail becomes all the more satisfying knowing that that libation has contributed to something pleasing and good – beyond satisfying your

20 best Cachaça cocktails image

20 best Cachaça cocktails

A compilation of the 20 best cachaça cocktails would not be complete without a Caipirinha, not only the classic, but one or two more fruity options. However,

Caipirinhas – history, styles, flavours & how to make image

Caipirinhas – history, styles, flavours & how to make

Pronounced 'Kai-Pur-Een-Ya', this traditional Brazilian cocktail is made by muddling limes with sugar and then adding cachaça and ice. It's a simple rustic

Bananarama image


Funky cachaça with rum and corn liqueur with the all-important banana flavours contributed by fresh overripe banana and banana liqueur.

Funky Banana image

Funky Banana

Cachaça and overproof run provide the headline funk to this banana-flavoured spirituous tipple.

Banana Rumhattan image

Banana Rumhattan

Just as it says on the tin, banana-flavoured rum with aged rum and vermouth to create a deliciously banana-flavoured rum Manhattan.

Khoosh Bitter image

Khoosh Bitter

Khoosh Bitters, is a British proprietary tonic bitter produced from 1881 until 1900 when the insolvent Khoosh Tonic Bitters Company went into liquidation.

Dr. Hostetter's Bitter image

Dr. Hostetter's Bitter

Dr. J. Hostetter's Celebrated Stomach Bitters were launched in 1853 by David Hostetter, based on a prescription dispensed by his father, Dr. Jacob Hostetter.

The Pinnacle Guide image

The Pinnacle Guide

The Pinnacle Guide Round Tables have been - and continue to be - intrinsic in formulating this new reward system. They are part of ensuring that The Pinnacle

20 best Coconut rum cocktails image

20 best Coconut rum cocktails

When I say coconut rum most such products have at least 100 grams of sugar per litre so are actually liqueurs, while the few that don't have enough sugar

Coco Geisha image

Coco Geisha

Delicately enriched whisky, sake and coco water – a trio that sits together harmoniously.

Coconut Rum Punch image

Coconut Rum Punch

Coconut and rum with a splash of lime are a tried and tested flavour matches. In this case with the added punch of overproof funky Jamaican rum.