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Earth Day

Earth Day is probably the biggest event in the green calendar. More than a billion people, in 190 countries, take part each year. Which is an impressive

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Anchor Heart

Genever provides a bready spirituous base while triple sec adds a zesty citrus bite to this honey sour. In keeping with its Anchor name, peaty malt and

20 best Amaretto cocktails image

20 best Amaretto cocktails

The bittersweet almond and vanilla flavour of amaretto mixes brilliantly with dark spirits – particularly whiskey but this versatile liqueur also mixes

Humble Brag image

Humble Brag

Delicately floral notes from the vermouth sit brilliantly with the grape notes from the port.

Zamboanga 'Zeinie' image

Zamboanga 'Zeinie'

I described our previous version of this classic as Reminiscent of a tropical Sidecar. The recipe above is more fitting for this classic, but if you preferred

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Apple brandy shines in this pleasing bittersweet aperitivo/digestivo that has a delicate liquorice note from the amaro.

Cherry Blossom Daiquiri image

Cherry Blossom Daiquiri

As the name suggests, a Daiquiri with cherry and floral notes.

Cherry Blossom Sake Martini image

Cherry Blossom Sake Martini

Yes, it's a Martini in as much that it has gin and vermouth, but, as the name promises, cherry blossom and sake are the focus.

Cherry Blossom image

Cherry Blossom

Kirsh eau-de-vie and grappa give depth of flavour to vodka as a base in this cherry blossom and maraschino sour.

Cherry Blossom No. 2 image

Cherry Blossom No. 2

A cherry blossom riff on the classic Corpse Reviver No. 2.

Pink Sakura image

Pink Sakura

A vodka-laced alternative to my more vermouth-forward, gin-influenced Cherry Blossom Sake Martini. This more subtly flavoured version allows the sake to

Contemporary Classic Cocktails image

Contemporary Classic Cocktails

Cocktails created after 1985 that have proved enduring and appear on bar menus or in publications beyond their city or country of origin are worth making

Mandarine Napoléon Cocktail Challenge image

Mandarine Napoléon Cocktail Challenge

We launched this competition in February 2024 to find the best new cocktails that harness the vibrant flavours of Mandarine Napoléon Liqueur, which is

Secrets of Savoy  image

Secrets of Savoy

Mezcal has an affinity to bittersweet liqueurs, here with an almost imperceptible slug of maraschino.

Ace image


Pleasant, creamy, sweetened gin.

High Five image

High Five

A gin-based riff on the Hemingway Daiquiri with delicate bittersweetness influencing the sweet 'n' sour balance. Light and refreshing – perfect for summer.

Pantheon image


Honeyed herbal Scotch whisky freshened by lemon sourness.

Money Penny image

Money Penny

Dry gin soured with a splash of fresh grapefruit juice and balanced with the merest touch of sugar.

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