13 September

National Cachaça Day

Batida Rosa

So we are drinking a...

Batida Rosa

September 13th is celebrated as Dia Nacional da Cachaça (National Cachaça Day) in Brazil so by extension also in other countries, although this should not be confused with International Cachaça Day on 12th June.

Indeed, there are numerous excuses to enjoy this sugar cane spirit throughout the year and it was only a few days ago (7th September) that we featured it for Brazilian Independence Day, but we enjoyed it so much that we thought we'd do it all over again today.

Cachaça may be distilled from fermented sugar cane juice but it is quite different to rum. It's pungent, full-flavoured and makes a superb base spirit in cocktails. We've over 80 cachaça cocktail recipes on Difford's Guide and these are our favourites, but we're particularly partial to a Batida Rosa.

Roald Dahl's birthday

The stories of Norwegian-British author Roald Dahl - such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, The Witches and more - have delighted generations of children.

Yet there was more than sweet stories to the man who entered the world in Llandaff, Cardiff, on this day in 1916. His adult fiction was sinister and dark, he piloted fighters during World War II, and he nursed his first wife through a long recovery from brain injury. In honour of a man with both sweet and sharp sides, we recommend a Chocolate Stinger, a mint-choc take on the vintage Stinger.

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