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  • Saturday 19/04/14

    Today is National Garlic Day, a chance to pay homage to the vampire-terrorising, BlackDeath-beating bulb without which no Mediterranean meal would be complete.

    Leaving aside what it does for your breath, garlic is magical stuff. The Ancient Egyptians fed it to workers to give them strength; it was used as a medicine in ancient India and China, as well as in medieval and Renaissance Europe; and, of course, it's well known to combat all forms of evil.

    Today, studies seem to show that garlic can be genuinely good for your health - and the stinkier the better, since the active ingredient is also the one that makes it pungent. Some possible benefits? Lower blood pressure, reduced risk of certain cancers - and, though the jury's still out on cholesterol, it seems like garlic gel can help with athlete's foot.

    In lieu of a garlic martini, we're toasting today with an onion one - the Gibson, a classic Martini served with a pickled onion. Cheers!

Gibson Dry Martini

Today Is National Garlic Day

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