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  • Wednesday 23/04/14

    England's greatest poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, would have turned 450 today - orthereabouts, anyway.

    In fact, historians know so little about Shakespeare's life that nobody knows when he was born, although he was baptised on 26 April, 1564, and was probably only a very few days old at the time. People celebrate Shakespeare's birthday today because it's not only St. George's Day but the day on which he died.

    Work doesn't get much more eternal than the man the poet Coleridge described as "myriad-minded Shakespeare". There are at least four adaptations scheduled to hit cinemas this year -- one of Cymbeline, one of Romeo and Juliet and two of Macbeth -- and folk still flock to see his plays.

    There are fairly few occasions when we feel proud to be British, but today is one of them. And so we're raising a glass of an English Martini to the man who's probably the greatest ever Englishman. Cheers!

English Martini

Today Is Shakespeare's Birthday

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