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Blanche de Bruxelles Biere Blanche image

Blanche de Bruxelles Biere Blanche

The label of Blanche de Bruxelles is distinctive due to its depicting a naked little boy urinating. For those who have not enjoyed a day of sightseeing in Brussels this is an illustration of the Manneken Pis, a strangely cultural significant statue and famous Brussels landmark.

Barbãr Bok Beer image

Barbãr Bok Beer

Barbãr Bok, was, prior to 2008, only brewed during winter months and branded ‘Barbãr Winter Bok’. Barbãr Bok is brewed with (to quote the label) “malted barley, wheat, honey, styrian hops, sugar, bitter oranges, coriander, yeast” and undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Barbãr image


A Belgian strong pale ale brewed with honey.


Spirited Reviews January 2015 image

Spirited Reviews January 2015

The following are new products we've received and other products reviewed during January 2014. We will continue to add to this page throughout the month...

Tea image


Tea is the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, a bush which comes in several varieties. The two most often grown for tea are Camellia sinensis...

The 7 great vodka myths / truths image

The 7 great vodka myths / truths

Vodka is the purest of spirits so the nuances between one brand and another can be subtle. Hence the promotional literature that accompanies the various...

Maotai or Moutai image

Maotai or Moutai

Maotai (茅台酒), also spelt moutai, sometimes mao-tai or mao tai, is a type of baijiu that's China's most prestigious spirit. Many Chinese place maotai...


World's top drinks websites image

World's top drinks websites

With the millions and millions of websites in the world, it's a real achievement when a site is a member of the coveted top 100,000 most-visited sites...

Hangover cures image

Hangover cures

Whether you call it a 'katzenjammer'(wailing of cats), a 'futsukayoi'(two day drunk) or a 'kopparslagare'(coppersmith), the hangover is...

The science of beer goggles image

The science of beer goggles

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder Beer goggles are officially a thing. So much of a thing, in fact, that they even feature in the venerable Oxford...

How to open a bottle of champagne & sabrage image

How to open a bottle of champagne & sabrage

Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right, said Mark Twain, and he was bang-on. Champagne is our go-to drink for celebrations,...

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