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10 Nybrogade, Copenhagen
1203, Denmark

+45 3393 1203


Mon-Sat 4pm-2am; Sun 6pm-midnight

Open door

Lounge bar

Recommended for:
Alfresco, Cocktails, Romantic

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No food

Review last reviewed on 24/02/2011

Spread across two floors and a series of cosy, dimly lit rooms with rugs on the floor, Ruby has plenty of corners to hide away in. With its flickering candles and Chesterfield sofas it feels like a home away from home: a warm snug living room to settle in to for the night. Unlike most cosy living rooms, however, Ruby has great cocktails and table service.

The entrance to Ruby is shared with an apartment block and among the buzzers by the door you’ll find one for the Embassy of Georgia. Obviously don’t press that one, or indeed any of the others. The door should, in fact, be open, so just go boldly in: Ruby is the first door on the right.

Once inside, choose to sit at the bar and watch the skilled bartenders ply their trade or find yourself a corner to settle into. On a cold night head downstairs to one of the cosy little rooms, but on summer evenings stop part-way down and you’ll find a door leading to the courtyard.

The menu promises “classic drinking and forward thinking” and delivers with a mix of well-made classics and house seasonal creations. All we sampled were well made and balanced.

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