Kyocera Electric Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener

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Height (mm): 93
Width (mm): 73
Depth (mm): 155
Product code: DS50-EXP

Produtor: Kyocera

This easy-use battery powered diamond knife sharpener has been specifically designed for Kyocera's ceramic knives.

As the knife blades are so hard, this diamond edged sharpener is the only tool that can correctly sharpen the knives, as whetstones and other options prove inefficient. However, although this tool can remove chips up 0.5mm deep, it states that it still won't bring the knife back to the sharpness it was at purchase, which is incredibly sharp, even compared to high quality metal knives.

After testing the sharpener, we can confim that after just a minute or so, the knife was at a very high level of sharpness, and felt almost as new.

The smart guide slots on both sides means that it sharpens the knife at the correct angle on both sides.

The sharpener contains five key safety & use features:
- The guide slot keeps the knife at a fixed angle.
- An assist roller prevents over-sharpening or excessive pressure.
- An indicator lamp signals that the unit is working and battery powered.
- A dust collector fan helps to retain ceramic dust / residue.
- Easy to clean removable cover and grinding stone.

Note that this sharpener cannot sharpen the following Kyocera knives:
Kt-075-HIP-D, KT-200-HIP-D, KC-25N WH, FK-125N WH or BK, PS-180 BK

This battery operated device requires four AA batteries to run and doesn't connect to the mains.

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