Patrón Perfectionists image

Patrón Perfectionists

The pursuit of perfection is something practiced by perfectionists so is an apt name for a competition designed to find and celebrate the best cocktail

Art of Italicus image

Art of Italicus

The Art of Italicus competition seeks to find and reward the bartender with the most creative aperitivo cocktail inspired by art. The final global, held

Gabriel Boudier Wizard Award image

Gabriel Boudier Wizard Award

Emporia Brands are inviting all UK bartenders to start their creative preparation and register for the fourth Gabriel Boudier National Wizard Award Competition.

Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Challenge image

Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Challenge

Licor 43, which celebrated its 75th birthday last year, will return to in-personal local and global finals for the sixth edition of its annual Bartenders

Bartenders’ Choice Awards image

Bartenders’ Choice Awards

A huge THANK YOU to the 450 Nordic hospitality industry professionals on the BCA jury who voted us Best Publication once again. Our fourth consecutive

Giffard West Cup image

Giffard West Cup

Now in its 25th year, the Giffard West Cup Cocktail Competition returns for 2022 and will combinate in a final hosted by Giffard family in their hometown

No.3 Gin Pursuit of Perfection competition image

No.3 Gin Pursuit of Perfection competition

No.3 Gin's Pursuit of Perfection Competition returns for 2022 with what's promised to be its biggest and best cocktail competition to date with bar and

Bar to Barcelona cocktail competition image

Bar to Barcelona cocktail competition

El Bandarra, the aperitif brand from Barcelona, launched its Bar to Barcelona cocktail competition on 1st March 2022 and is looking for three teams of

Cocktail competition scorecard image

Cocktail competition scorecard

Unlike sport where the first to finish or score the most is obviously the winner, judging one competitor against another in a cocktail competition will

Cocktail competition rules image

Cocktail competition rules

Organisers of cocktail competitions, usually drinks brands, have their own ideas and goals so rules vary enormously with their length and terms usually

Cocktail competition protocols image

Cocktail competition protocols

I've judged hundreds of cocktail/bartender competitions, perhaps more than anyone else, and over my 25 years as a drinking scribe, I've come across many

How to win a cocktail competition image

How to win a cocktail competition

Taking part in cocktail competitions is a great way for ambitious bartenders to garner publicity and attract attention from drinks brands and media. Winning

Fernet-Branca Barback Games image

Fernet-Branca Barback Games

Back after its Covid-forced one-year hiatus, Fernet-Branca's Barback Games celebrates the unsung heroes of hospitality, and this year will reward the winning

1800 Visionaries Cocktail Competition image

1800 Visionaries Cocktail Competition

The third instalment of 1800 Visionaries saw six finalists compete in London for a £2,000 grand prize...

World Class GB Competition image

World Class GB Competition

Now a global competition, World Class originated in the UK in 2009. It remains one of the few ‘bartender’ competitions as opposed to cocktail competitions

Giffard West Cup  image

Giffard West Cup

organised by Giffard, the French liqueur and syrups producer, Giffard West Cup is one of the longest established and foremost international bartending

Peter F Heering A/S image

Peter F Heering A/S

The history of Peter F Heering and Cherry Heering liqueur dates back 200 years. 1806 Peter Fredrik Suhm Heering (1792-1875) get his first job with a Pharmacist

The Tahona Society Collective Spirit Competition image

The Tahona Society Collective Spirit Competition

$50,000 prize fund and a trip to Mexico up for grabs.

Havana Club Grand Prix image

Havana Club Grand Prix

Now in its 12th year, this bi-annual competition is one of revered international cocktail competitions and a trip to Cuba is just one aspect of what is

Beefeater MIXLDN image

Beefeater MIXLDN

Beefeater MIXLDN is a global bartending competition with competitors drawn from national finals in 31 different countries competing in the annual final