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Claes Puebla Smith

The last eight years have been the eight hottest on record, and 2022 saw disasters from floods to hurricanes to heatwaves and wildfires. As the world grapples

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Kaitlin Wilkes

People buy things they know and drink flavours they understand, says Kaitlin Wilkes, the Edinburgh-based brand consultant who recently created the drinks

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Wayne Collins

Wayne Collins, who played a huge role in the 1990s London-led cocktail revival, passed away, tragically young in February 2023. He was one of the few flair

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Ngiam Tong Boon

Life is, broadly speaking, far too short to spend time engaging with internet comments. But when someone responds to an article you've written with (to

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Gromit Eduardsen

The cocktail world was left reeling on 28th July 2022 when it was announced that British bartender and godfather of the Danish cocktail and nightlife scene,

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National Hospitality Day

In the UK, the 3rd Friday in September (the 16th in 2022) is National Hospitality Day, a celebration of the nation's pubs, bars, coffee shops, restaurants

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Marc Alvarez

Techniques are a tool to your final destination. They don't need to be the main focus of your mixing work, says Marc Alvarez, one of Spain's most regarded

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Luca Fanari

Paradoxically, despite representing Italy in the Patrón Perfectionists final, Luca Fanari is currently based in the UK. He left Rome's cool aperitivo

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David Van Zyl

The 2022 Patrón Perfectionists final is set to be unusual in many ways - not least because it features no fewer than two finalists from Cape Town, South

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Lawrence Christopher Gabriel

Back when I was at college, I barely passed the bar subject, laughs Lawrence Christopher Gabriel, who's representing the Philippines in the final of Patrón

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Cassandra Eichhoff

Working at a club in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, the world's second emptiest country, Cassandra Eichhoff would never have thought she'd land up running

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Zviad Khuntsaria

Zviad Khuntsaria has a competitive streak a mile wide. Growing up Georgian, he wanted to be a football player, but his parents steered him to the ultra-competitive

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Eric Yu

It's 11am and Eric Yu is recovering after a party at his venue Martinez for Pete Tong, the DJ so iconic he's rhyming slang. I left at 1.30 in the morning.

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Daniyel Jones

Daniyel Jones is the global brand ambassador for the House of Angostura and before the pandemic, he'd visited over 75 countries and cities evangelising

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Douglas Ankrah

[Page updated: 16 August 2021] Like some artists, bartenders can struggle for creative appreciation, but Douglas was different, as one of his many creations,

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Benito Cuppari

Some cocktails become well-known and perhaps even household names while their creators remain anonymous or forgotten. The Barracuda, created in 1965 and

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Alisa Muraviova

My first steps in the bar were not the classic thing. I wasn't a poor student who came to work in a bar and started to love it, says Alisa Muraviova, the

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Tomas Estes

Back in 1997 our office was a small room on Gower Street, London and most evenings I walked through Covent Garden to catch my train home and I'd often

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Dick Bradsell

Richard Arthur Dick Bradsell, one of the most influential bartenders to ever operate behind the stick passed away peacefully on Saturday 27th February

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Trader Vic

Victor Bergeron is a man who swears in and out, like breathing, journalist Bob MacKenzie once observed. And, even though the Trader's remarks have been