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Eric Yu

It's 11am and Eric Yu is recovering after a party at his venue Martinez for Pete Tong, the DJ so iconic he's rhyming slang. I left at 1.30 in the morning.

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Daniyel Jones

Daniyel Jones is the global brand ambassador for the House of Angostura and before the pandemic, he'd visited over 75 countries and cities evangelising

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Douglas Ankrah

[Page updated: 16 August 2021] Like some artists, bartenders can struggle for creative appreciation, but Douglas was different, as one of his many creations,

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Benito Cuppari

Some cocktails become well-known and perhaps even household names while their creators remain anonymous or forgotten. The Barracuda, created in 1965 and

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Tomas Estes

Back in 1997 our office was a small room on Gower Street, London and most evenings I walked through Covent Garden to catch my train home and I'd often

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Dick Bradsell

Richard Arthur 'Dick' Bradsell, one of the most influential bartenders to ever operate behind the stick passed away peacefully on Saturday 27th February

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Trader Vic

Victor Bergeron is a man who swears in and out, like breathing, journalist Bob MacKenzie once observed. And, even though the Trader's remarks have been

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Donn Beach

Some 90 years ago a Louisiana drifter with a fondness for rum washed up in Hollywood - and transformed the drinking scene.

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Harry Craddock

The Savoy's most famous bartender, and the name behind the Savoy Cocktail Book, Harry Craddock, AKA the dean of cocktail shakers, was the third Head Bartender

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Lewis Hayes

It's been a shattering year for most industries across the globe. Yet, Lewis Hayes, owner and operator of two award-winning London-based bars, Black Parrot

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Rani al Raji

Normally, people go into this business to make money, says Rani al Raji, bar owner of Beirut's cocktail bar Brazzaville. In my case, of course I want to

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Lucas Groglio

Our vision is to become leaders in sustainability and healthy habits inside the cocktail and spirits industry, says Lucas Groglio, Argentinian bartender

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Oliver Margan

Primarily, I want to create a venue whereby guests and staff alike leave feeling enriched and happier than they did arriving, says Ollie Margan, the entrepreneur

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Andrew Ho and Bastien Ciocca

At Hope & Sesame we have done over 100 guest shifts across China, Asia, Australia and Europe, trying to put Guangzhou on the world's cocktail map, says

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Yeferson Avila Rodriguez and Jean Trinh

Yeferson and Jean are the duo behind cocktail bar Alquímico in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. We opened Alquímico as a cocktail bar in 2016

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Monica Berg

It took us four years, more or less, to open our bar. It was a great learning experience, and despite being very tough and challenging, we did it, says

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Dave Mulligan

I am totally dedicated, committed and slightly obsessed with the revival of Irish poitín while making it a respected and requested global category amongst

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Claudia Cabrera Rodriguez

Kaito is the first bar in Mexico and Latin America which was created, designed and 100% operated by females, says Claudia Cabrera Rodriguez, bar owner

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Igor Zernov

Five years ago nobody even thought about promoting bar events in Saint-Petersburg, about bringing alcohol budgets into the city and not even about launching

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James Hopkins

Since 2010, London Cocktail Club has gone from strength to strength. But James Hopkins, co-founder of the UK bar chain, considers the pandemic as one of