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Andre (Dre) Hucko

Andre (Dre) Hucko, influential bartender, bar manager, and mentor passed away peacefully on Friday 23rd October 2020. He was a hard-working caterer to

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Lewis Hayes

It's been a shattering year for most industries across the globe. Yet, Lewis Hayes, owner and operator of two award-winning London-based bars, Black Parrot

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Harry Craddock

The Savoy's most famous bartender, and the name behind the Savoy Cocktail Book, Harry Craddock, AKA the dean of cocktail shakers, was the third Head Bartender

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Dragos Axinte

Dragos Axinte is the founder of Novo Fogo, a cachaça made in a carbon-negative Brazilian distillery from organic sugarcane.

Norman Balon - London's rudest landlord image

Norman Balon - London's rudest landlord

One of London's most iconic pub landlords, immortalised in Private Eye cartoons and on the West End stage, Norman Balon lived, served and dished out insults

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Evan Stroeve

Evan says he plans on coming out of isolation looking like either Brad Pitt from Fight Club or Tom Hardy in the 2011 film Warrior. He also says, perhaps

Dispatches from the Damned image

Dispatches from the Damned

My last shift behind the bar was Saturday, March 14th, but at that point things were already someplace other than normal. As a staff we'd spent the majority

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Rosey Mitchell

Covid-19 has shattered plans, dreams and businesses around the globe. And Rosey Mitchell, the much-awarded bar manager who helped grow Three Sheets from

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Darren Leaney

Darren Leaney has tried just about every style of bartending there is. He's done five-star hotels, fine-dining establishments, speakeasy cocktail bars

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Matt Whiley

Matt Whiley is a bartender best known for turning parsnips into wine and feeding real pig's blood to the masses of Leicester Square – albeit in cocktail

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Daniele Umoette

I remember telling my mum, 'Look mum I'm going to be gone for a couple of months'. I've been gone 12 years, says Dani Umoette, the senior UK brand ambassador

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Jesse Harris

By the time I was graduating high school, snowboarding was the only thing I could focus on, says Jesse Harris, currently GM of Wall Street's The Transcript

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Carl Wiman

Bartender at award-winning Oslo cocktail bar HIMKOK, Carl Wiman is well-travelled, speaks five languages including Swedish, his mother tongue, and still

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Merlin Griffiths

I was born in London and grew up in Cheltenham, says Merlin Griffiths, a pub owner and the bartender of Channel 4's First Dates. Personally, I'm still

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Tim Philips

Tim Philips, for much of the international bar world, is the archetypal Australian bartender. He’s the go-to when people think of the scene, the bars

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Martin Hudak

When god was creating the world he looked to the Czech Republic and Slovakia and said here, there will be bartenders.

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Günter Windhorst

It was not running well at the beginning, Günter Windhorst recalls of his namesake bar in Berlin's Mitte district.

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Victor Gower

From a time when women weren't allowed, to picking up tipsy guests from the floor, Victor Gower has seen the American Bar at The Savoy evolve through the

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Paige Aubort

Paige Aubort's name is pretty prolific in the Sydney bar scene. In fact the name Paige Aubort is pretty prolific across Australian hospitality and, if

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Nicole Sykes

The cocktail scene here is great, says Nicole Sykes, the general manager at London's Satan's Whiskers. There are great cocktail bars in every neighbourhood