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Cihuatán Jade image

Cihuatán Jade

Aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels for 4 years, Cihuatán Jade had a crystalline appearance thanks to charcoal filtration prior to bottling. This

Blood Monkey Irish Gin image

Blood Monkey Irish Gin

Blood Monkey Gin's name and signature drill bit design are inspired by and remember what was known as bleeding the monkey, when 17th Century sailors drilled

Del Maguey Vida de Muertos image

Del Maguey Vida de Muertos

Vida de Muertos is a special 45% alc./vol edition of Del Maguey Vida inspired by the batches of Mezcal that are distilled in autumn by the family of Paciano

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin image

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin

One of the very few single estate gins made in the UK, Ramsbury is a classic London Dry gin based on neutral spirit made from Horatio wheat grown onsite,

Two Shores Irish Single Malt Whiskey Cask Finish image

Two Shores Irish Single Malt Whiskey Cask Finish

Two Shores is an apt name for a rum that is made and matured in Central America and then shipped to Ireland for a second and final aging period.

Bounty White image

Bounty White

Bounty White is a blend of 100% Coffey column still rums, aged 2 to 3 years in American oak ex-bourbon casks. After blending the colour imparted by the

Rhum J.M. Terroir Volcanique image

Rhum J.M. Terroir Volcanique

This rhum vieux agricole is column distilled and aged in American oak barrels with two degrees of toasting - intense and extreme. Named Terroir Volcanique

Hendrick's Flora Adora image

Hendrick's Flora Adora

As the name suggests, Hendrick's Flora Adora is a floral gin, released on 1st March 2023 as part of Hendrick's Cabinet of Curiosities limited edition collection.

Luxardo Espresso image

Luxardo Espresso

Luxardo Espresso Liqueur is produced using a 30-day heated infusion (to replicate a true espresso style) of a proprietary blend of Brazilian, Colombian

The rum life of Stephen Remsberg image

The rum life of Stephen Remsberg

Back in January 2016, this was my debut article for Difford's Guide. It was fitting for Stephen Remsberg to be my first profile, as Stephen was first among

Beefeater Crown Jewel image

Beefeater Crown Jewel

Originally launched in 1993 and aimed at the travel retail market, this premium Beefeater expression is named after the Crown Jewels displayed at the Tower

Orgeat image


Orgeat (pronounced 'Ohr-Zsa' as in Zsa Zsa Gabor - with the 't' silent), is a syrup traditionally made from almonds, sugar and rose water or orange flower

Engine Gin image

Engine Gin

This highly tuned Engine is based on organic neutral wheat alcohol vacuum distilled with five 100% organic Italian botanicals and essential oils. Its botanical

Amarula African Gin image

Amarula African Gin

From the makers of Amarula Cream Liqueur, this African Gin is based on marula fruit spirit distilled with juniper berries, orange peel and blossom, and

Djebenah Buna Coffee Liqueur image

Djebenah Buna Coffee Liqueur

Made with a maceration and distillation of roasted Ethiopian coffee beans grown at an altitude of 2,000 metres, Djebenah Buna liqueur takes its name from

Giffard Mango Liqueur image

Giffard Mango Liqueur

Giffard Mango Liqueur is made by macerating fresh mango from South America in sugar beet-neutral alcohol. No juice or puree is used so contributing to

Adriatico Caroni Cask Amaretto image

Adriatico Caroni Cask Amaretto

Launched in 2022, Adriatico Caroni Cask Amaretto is a limited edition of just 1,500 bottles and is made by ageing Adriatico amaretto in three oak casks

L' Orgeat Almond Liqueur image

L' Orgeat Almond Liqueur

L'Orgeat is billed as being the first natural & shelf-stable orgeat liqueur and is made with a blend of three varieties of almonds grown on family-owned

Mezcal - What it is and how it's made image

Mezcal - What it is and how it's made

The name mezcal originates from the Aztec language and refers to a traditional Mexican spirit made from the Maguey plant.

Calvados image


Calvados is a French brandy made from apples (though it can also contain pears). The name is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, meaning that calvados