Glassware and Bar Equipment

Beachbum Berry Zombie Glasses image

Beachbum Berry Zombie Glasses

Designed by Cocktail Kingdom in collaboration with Jeff Beachbum Berry to serve Zombie cocktails. Sold in pairs, one glass carries the Original circa ...

Morgenthaler Triomphe Atomizer image

Morgenthaler Triomphe Atomizer

Designed by renowned bartender Jeffrey Morganthaler, the Triomphe Atomizer is a pump-action atomiser which creates a fine mist spray for cocktails.

Cato Muddler image

Cato Muddler

The Cato Muddler is inspired by David Wondrich's private collection and named after a pioneer of 19th century American mixology, Cato Alexander.

Easy Jigger image

Easy Jigger

The Easy Jigger® is a measure designed for use when making cocktails, primarily in the home but also by professional bartenders. It has a unique desig...

Buswell 4-Prong Hawthorne Strainer image

Buswell 4-Prong Hawthorne Strainer

Designed to fit most cocktail shaker tins and stirring glasses with a 4-prong design for added stability. Weighty enough (100g) thick stainless steel ...

Ice Forward Clear Ice Box image

Ice Forward Clear Ice Box

Ice Forward’s ingenious Clear Ice Boxes enable you to make your own clear large ice cubes (5 x 5 x 5cm) and tower-like spears (13.5 x 3.5 x 3.5cm) in...

Classico Margot Highball image

Classico Margot Highball

Designed by Urban Bar in collaboration with Giancarlo Mancino, Classico Margot Collins glass is made of heavyweight crystal-cut glass.

Classico Margot Old Fashioned image

Classico Margot Old Fashioned

Designed by Urban Bar in collaboration with Giancarlo Mancino, the Classico Margot Old Fashioned tumbler is a lead-free crystal cut glass.

ZigZag Old-Fashioned Glass image

ZigZag Old-Fashioned Glass

A lead-free crystal old-fashioned tumbler etched with an Art Deco-inspired ZigZag pattern. Developed by Urban Bar in collaboration with Salvatore Cala...

Bar-Band image


Bar-Band are re-useable food-grade coloured silicone bottle neckbands designed to stretch to fit any bottleneck.

Birdy Double Tin Shaker DS80/50 image

Birdy Double Tin Shaker DS80/50

The Birdy two-piece shaker comprises a small 500ml tin (W85mm x H120mm) and a large 800ml tin (w90 mm x H170 mm. The small tin perfectly fits inside t...

Urban Bar Gradara Large Wine Glass image

Urban Bar Gradara Large Wine Glass

An elegant large wine glass with attractive ribbed design.

Urban Bar Gradara Beer Glass image

Urban Bar Gradara Beer Glass

A refined beer glass with a ribbed design.

Urban Bar Gradara Flute image

Urban Bar Gradara Flute

An elegant champagne flute with attractive ribbed design.

Cocktail Kingdom Talon Tongs image

Cocktail Kingdom Talon Tongs

These stainless steel tongs are the ideal size for gripping ice cubes (3.175cm). The 'talon' in their name is a reference to their claw-like design.

Coco Fine Strainer image

Coco Fine Strainer

Unlike most other fine strainers, the Coco Strainer was designed specifically for cocktails and has slighter larger holes in its mesh than is typical ...

Cocktail Kingdom Cocktail Picks image

Cocktail Kingdom Cocktail Picks

Packed in boxes of 12, these elegant and practical stainless steel cocktail picks from Cocktail Kingdom are long enough to sit straddling opposite rim...

Martinis & Pints by Thomas Moore image

Martinis & Pints by Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore is an artist whose works will appeal to discerning drinkers who like the people-watching aspect of hanging out in bars, and who have an e...

DashDart Threaded Dasher Tops image

DashDart Threaded Dasher Tops

Sold in boxes of two, Cocktail Kingdom's DashDart threaded dasher screws onto most brands of bitters bottles for a more accurate and consistent dash m...

Bar Original Silicone Jumbo Ice Tray image

Bar Original Silicone Jumbo Ice Tray

Practical, hygienic and unbreakable silicone ice tray retains shape and is easy to carry and place in your freezer due to its hard tray base. Once fro...

Cocktail Kingdom 24cm Tongs  image

Cocktail Kingdom 24cm Tongs

These oversized 18/8 stainless steel tweezers from Cocktail Kingdom are perfect for garnishing, especially for plucking sticky maraschino cherries fro...

Cocktail Kingdom 30cm Barspoon image

Cocktail Kingdom 30cm Barspoon

This 30cm long stainless steel barspoon from Cocktail Kindom has a slender but sturdy shaft with a smooth coil so is comfortable to rotate between you...

Bonzer Telescopic Bar Spoon image

Bonzer Telescopic Bar Spoon

As the name suggests, this stainless-steel bartending stirring spoon extends and collapses, from 415mm long to a pocket-friendly closed length of just...

Urban Bar Nick & Nora image

Urban Bar Nick & Nora

A small Nick & Nora-style lead-free crystal cocktail glass.