Punch Magazine's birthday image

Punch Magazine's birthday

Although it now only survives as a cartoon library and website, Punch was once one of the best-known magazines of all time - and one of the only successful

Famous Last Word No. 3 image

Famous Last Word No. 3

There are more mezcal riffs on the Last Word but tequila also works well in this classic in place of gin.

Naked In The Rain image

Naked In The Rain

A riff on the Naked & Famous with elderflower liqueur in place of Yellow Chartreuse.

Three Lions (on the shirt) image

Three Lions (on the shirt)

A blue-rinsed riff on the Tarling's 1933 competition winning Red Lion, created with the hope of celebrating another English win. There is one orange-flavoured

Aigua de València image

Aigua de València

This boozier Spanish take on a Mimosa is authentically made with the juice of oranges from the Valencia region. Perfect for a lazy hot afternoon, preferably

Fort Point image

Fort Point

Like many of New York City's Manhattan variations, the rye whiskey-forward Fort Point is named after the Boston district that was home to the bar where

Breakfast Special Marmalade Martini image

Breakfast Special Marmalade Martini

Due to its inclusion of vermouth, this Neo Martini is more befitting the 'Martini' moniker than a standard Breakfast Martini. The name also pays homage

Margarita Royal image

Margarita Royal

A Tommy's Margarita topped with a splash of fizz.

Money in the Bank image

Money in the Bank

A characterful bittersweet aperitivo or digestive. A wisp of mezcal sits brilliantly with the London dry gin base.

Election cocktails image

Election cocktails

Here at Difford's Guide, like at a dinner party, we try to avoid politics and religion, but we couldn't resist selecting cocktails to represent some of

Wimbledon cocktails image

Wimbledon cocktails

When Wimbledon kicks off the British summer has officially begun. Cue hordes of tennis fans making their annual pilgrimage to sit on Aorangi Terrace in

Honey Deuce image

Honey Deuce

It's the combination of name, tennis tournament and garnish which makes this otherwise very ordinary Vodka Collins sweetened with berry liqueur special.

Frozen Honey Deuce image

Frozen Honey Deuce

Starts sour and finishes sweet.

Perfect Pear image

Perfect Pear

A generously flavoured pear drop sour.

Boozy Bijou image

Boozy Bijou

As the name suggests, this late-night sipper is boozy. Yet, its gin-laced herbal flavours make it hard to stop sipping on.

Drifter image


Whisky-forward with supporting herbal richness.

Nuet Dry Aquavit image

Nuet Dry Aquavit

Nuet is flavoured with caraway, sourced from Inderøy in Norway, but omits other botanicals found in more traditional akvavits, such as fennel and anise

Ron Santiago de Cuba image

Ron Santiago de Cuba

Casa Del Daiquiri (House of Daiquiri) brings to life the ultimate Daiquiri experience. Across multiple countries, world-class bartenders have created their

El Presidente (with rhum agricole) image

El Presidente (with rhum agricole)

Rhum agricole adds distinctive grassy notes to this delicate Cuban classic.

Valentino (vodka-based) image

Valentino (vodka-based)

A vodka-based riff on the Negroni with its more spirit-forward character taking it into Sweet Martini territory.

Alice Mine No. 2 image

Alice Mine No. 2

You'll need to appreciate kummel to enjoy this long-lost classic. However, if you do, the only question is, do you like this cocktail with more or less

Golden Pisco Tang image

Golden Pisco Tang

Strega shines in this pisco-based riff on the vodka-based Golden Tang.

Velveteen image


Brilliantly integrated flavours led by Irish whiskey and cream sherry. An elegant digestivo.

Monte Berico image

Monte Berico

This bittersweet Manhattan served on-the-rocks is best enjoyed as a digestivo or cleansing late-night tipple.

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