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Beluga Signature Bartender Program

Beluga Vodka launches the fifth edition of its on-trade educational programme, encompassing an educational element and cocktail competition across seven

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Kummel is a herbal liqueur flavoured with caraway seeds, cumin, fennel, orris and other herbs. The origins of this liqueur's name lie in the generic names

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Equiano Rum

Named after freed slave, writer and abolitionist, Olaudah Equiano, this is a blend of rums sourced from Gray's Distillery, Mauritius and Foursquare Distillery,

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Jägermeister Cold Brew

Classic Jägermeister herbal liqueur blended with strong roasted Arabica coffee and a touch of cacao.

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Florence Cocktail

Floral and aromatic grapy shines in this citrusy fresh cocktail.

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Jet Pilot

A lightly spicy blend of three characterful rums with citrus mellowed by crushed ice.

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Jean Harlow

Adapted from a recipe in the 1933 book Hollywood-Cocktail published by Buzza-Cardozo, a Hollywood-based company that specialised in illustrated cards and

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Tearful Chocolate Mojito

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Din Hassan, Brand Ambassador Black Tears; Singapore.

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Daiquiri cocktail

My quest to find the perfect Daiquiri and the recipe to replicate it started in 1997 when Dick Bradsell, England's most famous bartender, said I needed

Bartenders' guide to foraging: Cleavers (stickyweed) image

Bartenders' guide to foraging: Cleavers (stickyweed)

Cleavers are among the earliest green shoots of the year, imparting a cool, refreshing and slightly sweet flavour to cocktails, with notes of cucumber,

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No.3 Gin

The evolved No.3 London Dry Gin bottle was launched in 2019 inspired by the passionate artisans behind the brand.

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Gabriel Boudier Wizard Award

Following regional heats in the UK which lead to a final held at the home of Gabriel Boudier in Dijon, France, the triumphant Wizard of the 2019 Gabriel

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Jigger Beaker Glass Tour

Inspired by Charles H Baker's 1939 inspirational travel drinks book Around the world with Jigger Beaker and Flask, Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands (BBFB) are

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Jesse Harris

By the time I was graduating high school, snowboarding was the only thing I could focus on, says Jesse Harris, currently GM of Wall Street's The Transcript

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Silent Tears

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Colin Chia at Nutmeg & Clove, Singapore.

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Acqua Bianca

Inspired by a 1800s recipe for Planter's Punch that included ambergris and observing that most liqueurs have a one-dimensional flavour profile, bartending

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A floral riff on a classic Cosmopolitan. The quality of rose liqueur used makes or breaks this romantically themed cocktail. Photographed in a glass from

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Jack Rose Cocktail

The first known Jack Rose recipe appears in Jacob Abraham Grohusko's 1908 Jack's Manual with the following recipe: 1 teaspoon sugar 10 dashes Raspberry