Powers Distiller's Cut image

Powers Distiller's Cut

Launched in September 2020 as a UK exclusive bottling, the first striking thing about this new Gold Label expression is that the label is black, white

Flannel image


Pimento dram adds a touch of Christmas spice to this cognac-laced apple and orange winter sipper.

Mezcal Martinez image

Mezcal Martinez

Adapted from a recipe created on 21st October 2020 (Mezcal Day) by Richard Elgar who posted his Mezcal Martinez recipe with accompanying video as part

H.S.L. Special image

H.S.L. Special

Adapted from a cocktail created by and named after Hayden Scott Lambert at his bar,

Honey Cosmopolitan image

Honey Cosmopolitan

Created in 2020 by yours truly at the Clocktower in Rye, England.

The Frank image

The Frank

Adapted from a 2020 recipe created by the folk at Maybe Sammy in Sydney, Australia. The folk at Maybe Sammy pre-batch this cocktail but their recipe for

Christmas Daiquiri image

Christmas Daiquiri

Created in October 2020 by yours truly at the Clocktower in Rye, Sussex.

Iron Clad Old Fashioned image

Iron Clad Old Fashioned

Created in October 2020 by yours truly and inspired by Mayur Subbarao's Ironbound.

Espresso Martiki image

Espresso Martiki

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Martin Hudak at Maybe Sammy in Sydney, Australia. Originaly made with Mr Black's Coffee Liqueur.

Jungle Hunt  image

Jungle Hunt

Herbal pineapple and spice with hints of Tiki.

Myths and legends in the cocktail card image

Myths and legends in the cocktail card

It's always very interesting to try something new, isn't it? There is a huge number of amazing bars with incredible cocktail cards. Sorted by blocks and

Calvados Cocktail image

Calvados Cocktail

Adapted from Harry Craddock's 1930 The Savoy Cocktail Book.

Fall From The Tree image

Fall From The Tree

Adapted from a recipe (originally based on applejack) created in 2019 by Jim Kearns at The Happiest Hour bar in West Village, New York City, USA.

Green Isaacs Special image

Green Isaacs Special

Named after the small Bahamian island of Great Isaac Cay, the Green Isaacs Special appears in Ernest Hemingway's autobiographical novel Islands in the

Ban-hattan image


As the name might suggest, a rye whiskey-based Sweet Manhattan, lightly sweetened and flavoured with a splash of banana syrup.

20 best Grand Marnier cocktails image

20 best Grand Marnier cocktails

Grand Marnier is one of the noble and truly premium liqueurs that has transitioned from the after-dinner sideboard to bartender's essential. It delivers

High Rye Manhattan image

High Rye Manhattan

Who knows who first came up with this version of a Manhattan but I know who I have to thank for introducing me to it (see comment).

Yamabuki image


Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Evan Leihy at the Swordfish Cocktail Club in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

Aventura image


Mezcal infused raspberry fruit with lemon, orange and lime citrus aromatised with delicate rich elderflower.

Frogroni image


Adapted from a recipe created in 2017 by Julie Reiner at Clover Club in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

Coldroom's 10 Signature Cocktails image

Coldroom's 10 Signature Cocktails

Robert Weeks, GM at The Coldroom in Montréal, Canada shares his bar team's 10 signature cocktails.

Noix de la Saint Jean image

Noix de la Saint Jean

A wine-based liqueur flavoured with green walnuts made at Distilleries et Domaines de Provence in the South of France where the drink is traditionally

Brighton Gin Seaside Strength image

Brighton Gin Seaside Strength

Released in 2019, Brighton Gin Seaside Navy Strength Gin packs a full 57% alc./vol. and is more concentrated in its botanical flavour than the regular

19th Century image

19th Century

Adapted from a recipe created in 2016 by Brian Miller at Pegu Club in New York City, USA.