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gaz regan

Gary sadly died, aged 68, on 15th November 2019. Death is inevitable but comes earlier for some. Sadly, they seem to be the folk who are more talented,

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Hendrick's Absinthe

Hendrick's Presents Absinthe Reimagined. Crafted to bring the approachability and mixability of gin to absinthe, Hendrick's Absinthe is bottled at 48%

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Murder Inc.

A dingy narrow backstreet traversing the corner between Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road is a fittingly seedy setting for a bar which celebrates

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Black Cuban

Recipe created in 2019 by Helder Fortes Silva, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Helder's original recipe uses homemade mint-lime cordial and black pepper tincture.

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Brandy Sangaree

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.

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Rum Dum Sour

Adapted from a recipe created in 1971 by Wilfred Sands while bartending at the Lyford Cay Club in New Providence, Bahamas. Wilfred apparently made the

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Bucket List

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.

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Mezcal Jackson

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Sean Lisik.

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Vnay Lad

“I’ve always been a fan of cooking and baking,” says Vnay Lad, the bar manager at Livin’Italy Dough House and the creator of Bartender Bake; a

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Nicknamed the 'Green Fairy', Absinthe is a bitter, aniseed-flavoured green liquor distilled with anise, fennel and wormwood. It has a reputation to challenge

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Hendrick's Gin Palace Distillery

Hendrick's, the most unusual gin has been brilliantly marketed as a quintessentially British product, associated with cucumber sandwiches and rose gardens,

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Brooklyn Special Effects Alcohol Free Lager

A non-alcoholic beer brewed with a specially developed fermentation method that limits the amount of alcohol that is created using a blend of Pale, Caramel,

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Black Tot Rum

A blend of rums from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica, Black Tot is unsweetened and non-chill filtered. Black Tot is matured in ex-bourbon barrels in the Caribbean

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Veritas White Blended Rum

Veritas, Latin for 'truth', is a blend of three rums: Coffey column still rum and 2 year old pot still rum from Foursquare in Barbados, with double retort

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Ron La Progresiva

Blended and matured under Cuba's Vigia quality seal, a marque previously used for rums made as a gift for visiting heads of state, La Progresiva 13 is

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Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez

Barrel-aged for a minimum of ten years under the Caribbean sun, after blending this rum is lightly charcoal filtered.

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Cotswolds Distillery

Established by Daniel Szor, the Cotswolds Distillery is based on a five-acre site near the village of Stourton. The distillery produces gin and English

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Absolut Juice Rhubarb Edition

Absolut vodka blended with 5% rhubarb juice and natural flavours. Released in 2018.

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Absolut Juice Strawberry Edition

Absolut vodka blended with 5% strawberry juice and natural flavours. Released alongside Absolut Rhubarbe Juice Edition in 2018.

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Licor 43

A globally-recognised brand, the story of Licor 43 begins in the mid-20th century when Diego Zamora created the recipe along with the help of his siblings,

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Hoxton Banana Rum

Flavoured with fresh and dried bananas macerated in rum for up to five weeks.

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Tiffanie Barriere

“A friend I worked with said that every time I took an order, or placed the cocktail down, or even a glass of wine or beer, I always gave three fun facts,”

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A riff on the classic Negroni which emerged circa 2018.

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Bee's Tease

Adapted from a recipe created in 2018 by Jared Brown, who wrote the following about the origins of this cocktail. One night upstairs at Balthazar, London,