We're remembering Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis image

We're remembering Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

One of Jacqueline Kennedy's first acts as First Lady was to replace the routine of punch before dinner with cocktails – and to install bars in the White

Old Fashioned Cocktail image

Old Fashioned Cocktail

The Old-Fashioned is delightfully simple, just whiskey, sugar, bitters and dilution from melting ice. That's three ingredients that can be swapped out

Gin Basil Sour image

Gin Basil Sour

As the name suggests, a basil-flavoured gin sour. Yum.

Honolulu Cocktail No. 1 image

Honolulu Cocktail No. 1

Gin is hardly Hawaiian, but its botanical bite sits well in this tropically fruity cocktail.

Ting 'n' Sting image

Ting 'n' Sting

Overproof rum sits well with anything fruity, in this case, with a zing of zesty grapefruit. Bring on the sun, sand and the sounds.

Tatanka image


This excellent cocktail's taste is a little reminiscent of Earl Grey tea. It's equally good shaken and served straight-up in a coupe.

Tuscano image


Delicately herbal, effervescent and refreshing.

20 best Mezcal cocktails image

20 best Mezcal cocktails

Mezcal is often used to add a touch of its distinctive character (often lightly smoky) to cocktails based on other spirits, particularly tequila. However,

20 best Tequila cocktails image

20 best Tequila cocktails

With its earthy herbaceous flavours, tequila makes for both a versatile and characterful base spirit in cocktails. Contemporary pairings with tequila include

Stars & Garters image

Stars & Garters

An agave-laced example of harmonious bittersweet and sweet 'n' sourness. Reminiscent of a Naked & Famous.

Espresso Margarita image

Espresso Margarita

The Espresso Martini meets the Margarita.

Charming Man image

Charming Man

A delicious riff on a Mezcal Negroni created by a particularly charming, talented and fabulous host. Depending on your mood/occasion, you may instead prefer

Old Pal No. 2 image

Old Pal No. 2

On the dry bitter side of bittersweet, it may take three sips before your palette appreciates this Negroni-style aperitivo.

Cameron's Kick image

Cameron's Kick

Faintly peaty honeyed whisky with a cleansing hint of lemon, rounded by almond. Classically, egg white is not used, but like many sours, the Cameron's

Orange Crush image

Orange Crush

A Screwdriver for a hot summer's afternoon.

Marmalade Cocktail image

Marmalade Cocktail

As Harry Craddock says of his own drink, By its bitter-sweet taste this cocktail is especially suited to be a luncheon aperitif.

Kiss the Boys Goodbye image

Kiss the Boys Goodbye

A sour showcasing how well cognac and sloe gin play together.

Famous Last Word No. 2 image

Famous Last Word No. 2

Americano Bianco replaces maraschino liqueur to bring quinine notes to this aperitivo rendition of the classic Last Word.

Dynamite Dew Drop image

Dynamite Dew Drop

Gin and brandy combine harmoniously and are the backbone of this spirit-forward cocktail – as befits the name. Chocolate bitters play a crucial role

Ketel One Garnished with Good image

Ketel One Garnished with Good

Ahead of King's Day 2024, the Dutch Ketel One team challenged bartenders to create Garnished with Good cocktails and invited everyone participating to

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