Greek Independence Day image

Greek Independence Day

Greek Independence Day, also known as Greek National Day, is celebrated annually on March 25th to commemorate the beginning of the Greek War of Independence

Dragoon image


A smoky bourbon Sazerac sweetened with crème de noyaux and served on-the-rocks.

Pippin No. 1 image

Pippin No. 1

A delicious bittersweet aperitivo. Don't be tempted to stir, shake it to wake it, and add dilution and an attractively foamy head.

20 best Spring cocktails image

20 best Spring cocktails

Spring has sprung – well at least it has here in the northern hemisphere. It's time to rediscover the delights of floral cocktails – think elderflower

Hightower image


An Irish whiskey-based riff on a Gold Rush. The mint notes from the crème de menthe are subtle but really add to this cocktail.

The Carlsbaek image

The Carlsbaek

Mezcal and bittersweet coffee, freshened with zesty citrus.

Widow's Word image

Widow's Word

A mash-up of the Widow's Kiss and Last Word or, as fellow Discerning Drinker, Andrew Gelb pointed out in a comment on our Last Word cocktail page, a Monte

Un-Ford-Gettable image


Bone dry and zesty – just like a Martini should be.

Brazilian Margarita image

Brazilian Margarita

Brazil's national cocktail (the Caipirinha) meets Mexico's Margarita. The muddling of lime to release oils from the skin is key to the success of this

Not So Perfect Manhattan image

Not So Perfect Manhattan

Not so imperfect – indeed this is one of the most delicious Manhattans I've had the pleasure of drinking.

Pinky Gonzales image

Pinky Gonzales

A tequila-based Mai Tai variation created by Victor Bergeron, AKA Trader Vic, creator of the original Mai Tai.

Amalienborg image


Tastes boozy but this aperitivo/digestivo is relatively light in alcohol.

Kaitlin Wilkes image

Kaitlin Wilkes

People buy things they know and drink flavours they understand, says Kaitlin Wilkes, the Edinburgh-based brand consultant who recently created the drinks

20 best St Patrick's Day cocktails image

20 best St Patrick's Day cocktails

St Patrick's Day not only calls for you to dress in green but to toast the Emerald Island with emerald-coloured Irish whiskey-based cocktails, stout, or

Belmont image


A creamy and slightly sweet dessert-style cocktail that's made more serious by the addition of a transformational spoon of raspberry eau-de-vie. (If you

Copenhagen Cocktail 1939 image

Copenhagen Cocktail 1939

Rich cherry fortified with gin and given herbal depth by vermouth and aromatic bitters.

Stardust image


A riff on a Royal Daiquiri with lemon juice in place of lime.

Billionaire image


Why have a Millionaire when you can stretch to a Billionaire? A suitably luxuriant whiskey sour with absinthe, aromatic bitters and mint.

Royal Daiquiri image

Royal Daiquiri

Adapted from a recipe created circa 1950s by Don The Beachcomber.

Keoke Coffee image

Keoke Coffee

Sip brandy-laced chocolate coffee through a velvety layer of cream. For best results use a milk frother (e.g. Nespresso Aeroccino) to whip and heat your