COVID-19 Charity Auction image

COVID-19 Charity Auction

Spirits auctioneer Whisky.Auction are hosting a COVID-19 charity auction, with all proceeds donated to The Drinks Trust, a charity providing vital support

7 greatest cocktails of all time image

7 greatest cocktails of all time

Unlike other Magnificent Seven lists which are hotly debated and argued over hundreds of potential candidates, I feel the seven greatest cocktails of all

Bar Entrepreneur Frontline image

Bar Entrepreneur Frontline

Bar entrepreneurs around the globe share their experiences being on the Frontline during the coronavirus outbreak...

Thomas Henry image

Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry present homeschooling sessions, an opportunity to learn new cocktails and bartending skills during lockdown.

How to make cocktails image

How to make cocktails

Explore the essentials, from glassware to cocktail shakers, and get started making cocktails at home...

Redbreast 27 Year Old image

Redbreast 27 Year Old

Released in March 2020 as the oldest permanent expression in the Redbreast range, the 27 Year Old blend includes a portion of whiskey that was matured

Padre Azul Tequila image

Padre Azul Tequila

Padre Azul is made in the Amatitán Valley near the town of Tequila at Tres Mujeres Distillery (NOM 1466) by Erika Sangeadoat, one of the few female tequila

Bartenders at Home image

Bartenders at Home

As COVID-19 brings isolation to many around the world, see what these bartenders are doing at home during lockdown...

Keeping spirits up image

Keeping spirits up

We aim to continue offering well-informed, impartial information for folk looking to raise their spirits, their spirits knowledge, or just find a cocktail

Rosey Mitchell image

Rosey Mitchell

Covid-19 has shattered plans, dreams and businesses around the globe. And Rosey Mitchell, the much-awarded bar manager who helped grow Three Sheets from

Withers Gin G1 image

Withers Gin G1

G1 is the first gin from Withers Gin, a family business founded in 2020 by gin enthusiast Sarah Withers. GI's recipe was developed by Sarah with guidance

Irish Whiskey (Uisce Beatha Eireannach) image

Irish Whiskey (Uisce Beatha Eireannach)

As the name suggests, Irish whiskey must be made and aged on the island of Ireland. It is distilled from the fermented mash of malted cereals, with or

Irish Whiskey Cocktails image

Irish Whiskey Cocktails

Irish whiskey tends not to be peated so usually lacks the subtle smoky notes associated with Scotch whisky, so making its presence somewhat subtler in

Method & Madness Single Grain Spanish Oak Finish image

Method & Madness Single Grain Spanish Oak Finish

This single grain Irish whiskey was first aged in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels before being re-casked for a final finishing period in virgin Spanish oak

Xiaman Mezcal image

Xiaman Mezcal

Xiaman is an artisan mezcal made with a 50:50 blend of wild Tepextate Marmorata agave (which take 25 years to reach maturity) and cultivated Espadín Angustifolia

One Sip Martini image

One Sip Martini

Our interpretation of the delicious One Sip Martini at Tayēr + Elementary, London, England. The original is batch prepared and based on the bars own vodka,

Fair Harvard image

Fair Harvard

A recipe created in 2016 by drinks writer Robert Simonson to serve at a reception at Yale School of Architecture. The speaker was from Harvard, but the

Sweet Liberty's Sherry Cobbler image

Sweet Liberty's Sherry Cobbler

Adapted from a recipe created by John Lermayer at Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co., Miami, USA.

Spiced Alexander image

Spiced Alexander

As the name suggests, this riff on a Brandy Alexander has a delicately spicy finish that cuts through the creaminess.

Darren Leaney image

Darren Leaney

Darren Leaney has tried just about every style of bartending there is. He's done five-star hotels, fine-dining establishments, speakeasy cocktail bars

Cazador image


Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by George Hunter, this is the cocktail with which he won the South African final of Bacardi's Legacy bartender's

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With support from the co-creators of the first four Signature Mixers, Coca-Cola are looking to recruit imaginative, leading bartenders from around the

Glassology by Libbey Design Contest image

Glassology by Libbey Design Contest

In its third edition, Glassology by Libbey will challenge bartenders around the world to design the next iconic glass.

Angels' Nectar Islay Edition Single Malt image

Angels' Nectar Islay Edition Single Malt

Released in September 2019, Angels' Nectar Islay Edition is an independent bottling of Islay single malt scotch whisky that has been matured in former