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Cocktail Finder

Find cocktails with specific ingredients, combinations of ingredients, by bartenders, by style, by rating...

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Cocktails Made Easy

Make 100s of cocktails at home just using things from your pantry, a 10 Bottle Bar + your favourite base spirit: vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, brandy etc...

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3 Ingredient Cocktails

Most of the enduring classic cocktails comprise just three ingredients e.g. rum+lime+sugar=Daiquiri. A few, such as the Negroni consist of three equal

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Cocktail Hall of Fame

The following 258* cocktails are preeminent and best-known of the 5,000+ cocktails on Difford's Guide and, subject to ingredients, these are all cocktails

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Part-time Lover

Tequila-laced, delicately bittersweet/sour with floral elderflower.

20 best Apricot (brandy) cocktails image

20 best Apricot (brandy) cocktails

In cocktails, apricot brandy is one of the most used of the traditional range liqueurs and this fruit liqueur continues to thieve in contemporary recipes.

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20 best Thanksgiving cocktails

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada, on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and close to these dates

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Poet's Martini

A three-to-one Dry Martini enriched by a splash of herbal liqueur.

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Whiskey Daisy No.3

A Whiskey Sour made Daisy-like with a hint of almond.

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Storm King

Created by Damon Boelte at his Grand Army bar and restaurant in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

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Dead Man's Handle

Tequila charged, delicately bittersweet undertones sit with rich almond syrup.

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Gibson Dry Martini

A classic Dry Martini without bitters and garnished with cocktail onions in place of an olive or a twist. On those two distinctions, all are agreed. However,

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Nassau Street

A voluptuously flavoured nightcap that tastes boozier than it actually is. However, the residents of Nassau Street party hard.

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Without Borders

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Caleb James at Covina restaurant in New York City, USA. The original recipe is for equal parts without the optional

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Bertram's Cap

Apple, honey and grapefruit presented as a harmonious trio.

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Forbidden Fruit

Given the name, don't expect a sweet 'fruity' cocktail, instead, this is dry, spicy and complex with zesty citrus over an appley spirituous base with enlivening

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Walter Mondale

A delicious spirit-forward honey, pear and delicately citrusy late-night sipper balanced and made interesting by underlying sherry.

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Norman Conquest

An apple brandy-influenced Sweet Manhattan served on-the-rocks.

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All Jacked Up

Yes, yes, yes, the name, All Jacked Up, was inspired by the use of 100° proof bottled-in-bond applejack but I've committed sacrilege by using calvados.

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Azalea Margarita

Grenadine adds a delicate pomegranate note to this well-balanced Pineapple Margarita.