Cocktails & mixed drinks

Combustible Edison image

Combustible Edison

Adapted from a recipe by Robert Brother Cleve Toomey, a regarded bartender, DJ and musician. Brother Cleve was a member of the band Combustible Edison

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Adapted from a recipe in Lucius Beebe's 1946 The Stork Club Bar Book.

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Barbary Coast

A Prohibition-era cocktail (1920-1933) of unknown origin, the term Barbary Coast referred to a nine-block area was cantered around Pacific Street (now

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Absolute Gangster

Adapted from a recipe created in 2016 by Ricardo Dynan, global brand ambassador for Absolut vodka. Naturally, the name is a reference to this cocktail

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STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

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El Patron

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Jorge A. Conde at Smoke & Mirrors, Singapore.

Vodka Cocktails – the 20 best vodka based cocktails image

Vodka Cocktails – the 20 best vodka based cocktails

Vodka's success is partly due to it being marketed from the 1940's as a clear, pure, clean spirit that will mix with anything. Accordingly, it is regarded

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Callahan's Painkiller

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Michael D Callahan at The Compound Collective, Singapore.

Coffee Cocktails image

Coffee Cocktails

In 1947, an American journalist, Stanton Delaphane visited the bar at Ireland's Shannon Airport where the bartender made him an Irish Coffee. Stan was

Bartenders' guide to foraging: Crab apples image

Bartenders' guide to foraging: Crab apples

Ever tasted a crab apple? These miniature apples may be sour and dry-tasting when raw, but their complex flavour makes them a superb drinks ingredient.

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Public Enemy No.1

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Kiki Moka at Union Group; Jakarta. Kiki's original recipe comprised: 30ml Black Tears Spiced Rum, 20ml Cherry

Autumn / Fall Cocktails image

Autumn / Fall Cocktails

Summer is fading, leaves are starting to scatter the ground and the weather is turning noticeably chillier. It's not yet time for full-on winter warmers,

Punch – The history of punch image

Punch – The history of punch

Punch is widely considered to be the earliest cocktail – the drink all other cocktails emanate from. A great punch is a fine balance between spirit,

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Rum Punch

The classic proportions of this drink are one of sour (lime juice), two of sweet (sugar syrup), three of strong (rum) and four of weak (water/juice/cold

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Cuban Love

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Boo Jing Heng, Tess Bar & Kitchen, Singapore.

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Verdita ('little green') is best described as a green Sangrita and like its blood-coloured cousin, Verdita is traditionally served in Mexico as an accompaniment

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Queen Mother

Adapted from a recipe created in 2014 by Jake Burger at The Portobello Star, London, England. Naturally, Jake's original recipe calls for Portobello Road

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Cachaça Cocktails

As great as the classic Caipirinha is, there's more you can do with Brazil's national spirit. Here are twenty cocktails to make which don't involve muddling

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Sweet Tears of Mine

Adapted from a 2019 recipe created by Shavinraj Gopinath at The Iron Fairies, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Adapted from a recipe by Pip Hanson at Marvel Bar at The Bachelor Farmer, in Minneapolis, USA.