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Cocktails Made Easy

Make 100s of cocktails at home just using things from your pantry, a 10 Bottle Bar + your favourite base spirit: vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, brandy etc...

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3 Ingredient Cocktails

Most of the enduring classic cocktails comprise just three ingredients e.g. rum+lime+sugar=Daiquiri. A few, such as the Negroni consist of three equal

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Cocktail Hall of Fame

The following 274* cocktails are preeminent and best-known of the 5,000+ cocktails on Difford's Guide and, subject to ingredients, these are all cocktails

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20 best St Patrick's Day cocktails

St Patrick's Day not only calls for you to dress in green but to toast the Emerald Island with emerald-coloured Irish whiskey-based cocktails, stout, or

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A creamy and slightly sweet dessert-style cocktail that's made more serious by the addition of a transformational spoon of raspberry eau-de-vie. (If you

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Copenhagen Cocktail 1939

Rich cherry fortified with gin and given herbal depth by vermouth and aromatic bitters.

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A riff on a Royal Daiquiri with lemon juice in place of lime.

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Why have a Millionaire when you can stretch to a Billionaire? A suitably luxuriant whiskey sour with absinthe, aromatic bitters and mint.

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Royal Daiquiri

Adapted from a recipe created circa 1950s by Don The Beachcomber.

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Keoke Coffee

Sip brandy-laced chocolate coffee through a velvety layer of cream. For best results use a milk frother (e.g. Nespresso Aeroccino) to whip and heat your

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20 best Espresso Martinis

The Espresso Martini is itself a riff, by its creator, on his earlier Vodka Espresso. Indeed, the Espresso Martini is a cocktail that lends itself to variation

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Ti Punch

As the name suggests – this drink is punchy – traditionally made with 50% alc./vol. rhum agricole. And, even if you choose to add ice, then dilution

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Espresso Martini (aka Vodka Espresso)

Likened to a Vodka & Red Bull for the discerning, the caffeine-loaded Espresso Martini consists of generous shots of vodka and espresso with coffee liqueur.

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Cherry Bomb No. 1

Cachaça's character brilliantly laces this cherry-flavoured lime Collins.

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Cherry Bomb No. 2

A wonderfully complex Cherry Old Fashioned. Kat's original recipe calls for an Acerola cherry juice sugar syrup (1:1) which arguably has more of an apricot

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Silver Bay

Delicately smoky whisky and chestnut liqueur infuse this tasty hot toddy.

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The Tartan

The bittersweet lovechild of the Rob Roy and Rusty Nail.

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Top 100 cocktail ingredients

Crunching the data resulting from the over 5,000 recipes on our constantly changing and growing cocktail database can throw up some surprising and very