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Patrón Perfectionists 2021-22

The pursuit of perfection is something practiced by "perfectionists" so is an apt name for a competition designed to find and celebrate the best cocktail and its bartender creator.

For this year's Patrón Perfectionists, simplicity is the key to perfection as the competitors' cocktails must be easily replicated in any bar or home bar, anywhere in the world. Consequently, they were given a list of globally available ingredients with which they could work. This was a wide list but in the quest to stand out, particularly in the first round, it encouraged competitors to be more creative rather than simply choosing more esoteric ingredients.

Now the bartenders who have made it through to the final have the chance to perfect their recipes further by tweaking proportions and changing the style of ingredients. e.g. switching fino to Manzanilla sherry.

"Simple is beautiful" but to succeed in a Patrón Perfectionists' final, their cocktail and the way they present it must also be exceptional.

Global finalists

Cassandra Eichhoff (South Africa), David Van Zyl (South Africa), Zviad Khuntsaria (UAE), Lawrence Christopher Gabriel (The Philippines), Alisa Muraviova (Russia), Zana Möhlmann (Benelux), Harrison Kenney (Australia), Franz Königsberger (Germany & Austria), Kat Stanley-Whyte (UK), Yeferson Avila Rodriguez (Columbia), Wilson Pires (Portugal & Spain), Luca Fanari (Italy), Daniel Geobany Rodriguez Flores (Mexico), Marta Ess (Canada), Fabio Steven Gonzalez (USA).

Below, in the run-up to the global final, to be held at Hacienda de Patrón in May 2022, we'll be adding more interviews so you can find out more about each of the 15 finalists and their winning cocktail.

Patrón Perfectionists 2021-22 image 1