Patrón Perfectionists 2022-23

Patrón Perfectionists returned for its 2022-23 Edition with Mor Koral, founder of Cocktail Kitchen in Tel Aviv, Israel, crowned the global winner.

Held 24-30 March 2023 at Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico, the global final comprised a series of three challenges with Mor Koral emerging with the highest cumulative score from the 15 global finalists who had earned their place at the final having each won the Hometown Hero Challenge in their respective national finals.

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Mor Koral, Winner of Patron Perfectionists 2023

The three final challenges

Challenge #1, Field to Flavour - saw bartenders receive the brief on spot in the middle of agave fields in the Highlands of Jalisco. A Mexican market stall displayed indigenous ingredients selected by chef Ana Martorell, the bartenders were given 45 minutes to create a cordial made of one of the market's ingredients and use it to build a Patrón Reposado highball.

ency 94 imageChallenge #2, The Stories We Share - the finalists were tasked with developing a Patrón cocktail recipe and story inspired by Mexico's rich culture.

ency 18 imageChallenge #3, Mi Mesa es Tu Mesa (My table is your table) – the bartenders were asked to design a hospitality experience that would delight the judges sat at a table with a memorable service of a neat Patrón tequila serve paired with a non-alcoholic side cocktail creation.

For each challenge, a winner was crowned, respectively: Choni Song (Wild Card winner, from China), Alex Boon (Australia), and Max Macaulay (UK).

The global champion, Mor Koral gained a consistently higher scoring across all the challenges and impressed the stellar line-up of judges, all international hospitality professionals.

Mor Koral's winning recipes

#1. Field to Flavour: Guava Horchata Reposado Highball
ency 85 image45 ml Patrón Reposado
70 ml Guava cordial
40 ml Soda water

#2. The Stories We Share: El Mundo Magico
ency 73 image50ml Patrón Reposado
30ml atole de elote*
25ml Mexican falernum*
15ml Lime
Garnish: crunchy tortilla, habanero, and bitter orange marmalade. candied black bean.
*Atole de elote: Cook 100gr masa harina (tortilla dough) with 100gr cane sugar and 800 ml water until boiled.
*Mexican falernum: Make syrup from 1 kg sugar, 1 kg coconut water and cook with spices until boiled:
40g ceylon cinnamon, 40g cocoa nibs, 40g allspice, 30g cardamom, 40g ginger, 20g clove
20g cumin, 10g star anis, 5g mace, 1 vanila pod
Add 400 ml Jamaican rum

#3. Mi Mesa Es Tu Mesa: Frankincense & More
ency 81 image40ml clarified "labneh" cheese water*
25ml "holy" honey syrup*
20ml lemon juice
30ml water
Garnish: citrus and Frankincense mist.
*Clarified labneh water
strain yoghurt through a cloth and keep the liquid, clarifying the liquid with ager ager.
*"holy" honey syrup - cook gently 200g honey, 100g water, 5gr Frankincense resin, 5gr mastika, 5g fennel seeds. let cool and strain through a cloth.

15 Global Finalists

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