Gabriel Pons

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Gabriel Pons

Head Bartender at Frida Restaurant, Bordeaux, France.

Already winner of France's Bacardi Legacy in 2019, Gabriel Pons is Head Bartender at Bordeaux's classy cocktail bar and restaurant Frida.

Previously bartender at the acclaimed creative cocktail destination Calbar bar in Paris, Gabriel has honed his hospitality and mixology skills across a variety of experiences, from his studies in hospitality management to working and consulting for bars and even setting up an events agency. An advocate of his region's – Provence - and his adoptive region's - France's Basque area - rich gastronomic heritage and produce, Gabriel mixes his passion for hospitality and the drinks industry with elevated traditional ingredients. For the Patrón Perfectionists national finals, he competed in the Hometown Hero Live and Paloma 2.0 challenges.

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Hometown Hero Challenge cocktail: Patxa MaMa

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Oyster Leaf
Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.
40 ml PATRÓN Silver
20 ml Pacharán Sloe Cordial
20 ml Verjus
3 drops First oyster water
50 ml Blood orange soda
Inspiration:For Patxa MaMa, Gabriel found inspiration in the encounter with the family of his Basque companion. The French Basque Country is a land filled with long-standing heritage and savoir-faire and by moving there from Provence, Gabriel had the chance to discover new knowledge and rituals. As a gesture of gratitude towards the Basque learnings, he designed a cocktail that highlights the local produce such as wild sloe and oysters from the park of Hendaye. These ingredients perfectly marry with Patrón Silver's sweet and slightly peppery notes, and what better way to finish the drink than with a touch of blood orange soda that champions the area of Bayonne.

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