Logan Demmy

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Logan Demmy

Bartender at The Fox, Nashville, USA.

Fuelled by a lifelong love of coffee and a passion for spirits, Logan Demmy has worked around the world. He honed crafting cocktails and the art of hospitality as head bartender of the internationally respected 28 Hongkong St in Singapore. Stints in New Zealand and Columbus, Ohio, sharpened his skills.

He took a brief detour from the industry but couldn't stay away for long – so now he lives a dual life of coding and cocktails in Nashville, Tennessee. His love for bartending was renewed by The Fox – a small but mighty bar that refuelled his ambition and drove him to reach for the title of USA Patrón Perfectionist finalist.

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Hometown Hero Challenge cocktail: Super Malo Fabulous

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Apple slices
Method: Throw first 3 ingredients with ice and strain into a glass. Float champagne.
45ml (1½oz) Patrón Silver Tequila
22.5ml (¾oz) Aromatised \Vermouths \ Fortified \ Madeira
22.5ml (¾oz) *Hot Chicken Spiced Green Apple Oleo
30ml (1oz) Champagne
Inspiriation: The traditional serving of tequila with citrus and sal de gusano had Logan thinking about one ingredient: Nashville hot chicken. Malic Acid plays such an important role in tequila production, (Look up crassulacean acid metabolism) apple and madeira provide ample malic acid. Champagne is going to be the body of the drink tempering all the spice of the hot chicken, the buttery malolactic brings it all together.

*Hot Chicken Green Apple Oleo
200 g Fresh Green Apple Juice
150 g Green apple pulp
225 g White Sugar
10 g Hot Chicken Spice
10 g Ascorbic Acid divided
When juicing green apples add acid to both the juice container and pulp container to prevent browning. Compress with vacuum sealer the apple pulp, hot chicken spice, and sugar. If a vacuum sealer is not available then place in a ziplock and muddle. Rest for 1 hour, mix with apple juice until sugar is dissolved. Strain out the pulp and refrigerate for up to one week.

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