Alex Boon

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Alex Boon

From Pearl Diver Cocktails and Oysters, Melbourne, Australia.

With a career spanning over a decade, an insatiable work ethic and depth of technical ability, Alex has quickly risen through the bartending community by working in notable establishments. Alex began achieving acclaim in competitions, being recognised for his signature presentation style and creative and innovative drinks. Sensing more opportunity on the horizon, Alex moved to Melbourne where he partnered up with the illustrious Speakeasy Group. After winning Australia's World Class competition and being voted Australia's best bartender by Drinks World magazine, he became Head of Mixology. At the end of 2021 Alex and his business partners, Pez and the Speakeasy Group opened Pearl Diver Cocktails & Oysters. This bar brings fun and vibrant cocktails matched to oysters sourced from around Australia in a relaxed environment where well-trained staff give genuine hospitality. Alex's approach to drinks and food, his creativity and his ability to see things outside of the box are what have placed him in the top tier of bartenders in Australia.

For the Patrón Perfectionists national finals in Sydney, Alex competed alongside nine other finalists in two challenges. Hometown Hero, the entry challenge, tasked bartenders with creating a cocktail that blends PATRÓN Silver with their local culture and ingredients, and My Masterpiece was the second challenge. Alex presented 60 Hands Highball and Frankie as his two creations for the challenges.

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Hometown Hero Challenge cocktail: 60 Hands Highball

Carbonated and served over ice in a highball
45ml Patrón Silver tequila
15ml Mango Liquor
15ml Verjuice
20ml Lacto fermented mango syrup
60ml clarified mango juice
Inspiration: The inspiration behind this cocktail was all to do with compounding flavours using basic and advanced techniques to manipulate ingredients and get the very best flavour from them. Alex took his favourite fruit, the mango, and switched ingredients, fermenting the fruit and clarifying the juice to create a light and bright highball with Patrón Silver at the helm. For the garnish, he created a mango spear suspended in mango syrup with a fresh ball of mango inside to create a multi-textured garnish. Finally, just like Patrón sees 60 hands help make every bottle of tequila, this drink also went through many people and their feedback to get it just perfect, so it was named the 60 hands highball.

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