Lola Lau

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Lola Lau

Head Bartender at Hope & Sesame, Shenzhen

For the past 10 years, Lola has travelled and worked around Greater China area and Southeast Asia, to explore the world of spirits, and witness the rise of cocktail culture in this part of the world. Now as head bartender, Lola Lau has been tasked by the founders of award-winning Hope & Sesame Shenzhen with shaping and elevating the cocktail programs of three venues: Charlie's, Hope & Sesame and The August.

Along with her team, they are committed to elevating the cocktail experience and raising the standard of hospitality through modern techniques and the use of less common, exotic ingredients that intrigue drinkers' curiosity. Lola's passion and experience are evident through all her cocktail creations, including the creative mixes designed for the three Patrón Perfectionists finals challenges in Shanghai: Hometown Hero Live, My Masterpiece and Signature Style.

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Hometown Hero Live challenge cocktail: Coconut Chicken Por Favor

Glassware: Highball
Garnish: Calamansi & Sand-ginger Flavoured Rice Crisps
45ml Patrón Silver
45ml Coconut Chicken Cordial
30ml Verjus
60ml Soda Water
Cocktail inspiration: Shenzhen is well known for being one of the fastest and most complete cities in China. When it comes to its food, coconut Chicken is arguably the most iconic food in Shenzhen. It's simple, as its recipe only requires fresh coconut water and chicken, and it cooks so fast. Plus, the popular coconut chicken restaurants often offer other local iconic dishes that fully represent the diversity of our city and of our lifestyle here. With so many restaurants coming and going, the coconut chicken restaurants are an ongoing staple of our city. It's the dish that warms people's heart, and it's simply perfect to represent Shenzhen and our culture. The Coconut Chicken Por Favor cocktail pays tribute to this.

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