19 August

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Aviation Day in the US

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Aviation Cocktail (Difford's recipe)

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It's Aviation Day in the US - and has been since 1939, when President Roosevelt decided that Orville Wright's birthday would be National Aviation Day.

With his brother, Wilbur, Orville is generally credited with inventing the aeroplane. Although many inventors before them had managed to get flying machines off the ground, the Wright brothers got theirs to stay up in the air under its own power. Despite their promising start, the Wright Brothers' future was not as brilliant as you might think. All six of a type of aeroplane they supplied to the US Army crashed, and they became embroiled in lawsuits over technology and patents.

We aren't plane spotters. But, to be honest, any excuse will do for an Aviation, one of the best and most accessible of vintage cocktails.

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