Kristina Tubig

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Kristina Tubig

Southbank Cafe + Lounge, Muntinlupa, Philippines.

Kristina has worked behind the bar since 2019 but has been nurturing her passion for hospitality for much longer. After graduation, she started applying for bartending positions until she decided to start from the bottom with a waitstaff position at Southbank Cafe + Lounge. Here, she had the privilege to work with a great team that took the time to train her and empower her with the knowledge and tools she needed to step up.

Kristina took part in Patrón Perfectionists 2021, her first-ever cocktail competition. The experience opened her eyes and tickled her curiosity further, leading her to experiment and push the boundaries of cocktail making. Fast forward to 2022 she entered again to take home the title of Patrón Perfectionist Philippines national winner, just for her second competition ever.

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Hometown Hero Challenge cocktail: Salo Salo

Garnish: Coupe
Garnish: Walnuts
40ml Patrón Silver tequila
30ml Carabao & coconut milk liqueur
5ml Fino sherry
4 drops Saline solution
Inspiration: Food shapes the way Filipinos live. Aside from the food itself, there are memories shared with fellow diners which makes dining even more special. Perhaps we can all relate to the idea of inviting and hosting people over celebrations, sharing a meal with them in a humble abode and even gifting food for them to take home.

Kristina specially created this drink to champion the culture of Filipino Salo-Salo, which can translate to feast, banquet, or party. Tibok Tibok, a carabao milk pudding is the core inspiration for the local ingredient of this cocktail, because it represents a staple food in Filipino celebrations and it is believed to make friends and families stronger and more connected thanks to its sticky texture.

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