Denys Cherkasov

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Denys Cherkasov

Head Bartender at La Salita Restaurante, Valencia, Spain.

From his birthplace, Kiev, Ukraine, and his family, Denys has inherited the love of gastronomy and hospitality. At the age of 17, he began studying Macro - economy of hotels and restaurants at Kiev's University of Tourism, Economy and Rights and then at the American Bartender School while also dedicating much of his time to working at bars and restaurants as a barback. By the age of 22, Denys had worked at some of the best venues in Ukraine and, given the political situation, decided to pursue his hospitality career in Spain.

Denys has lived in Valencia since 2015 and loves the local food and drink scene. He proved his commitment and skills by achieving the first spot as bar manager at IBA Spain and the prize of Spain's Best Nariz at WSET Global 2022. Today, he works with Bego Rodrigo in his Michelin-starred restaurant La Salita where Denys oversees everything spirits and cocktail related.

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Hometown Hero Challenge cocktail: Wilderness

Glass: Old-fashioned
Garnish: Jalapeño and rosemary shaped as mini agave
35ml Cordial "la Tereta" (rosemary, honey, saffron, jalapeños, wood)
55ml Patrón Silver tequila
10ml Peach liqueur
3 drops Saline solution
Inspiration: Wilderness cocktail is inspired by the jungle and its gifts. Nature is an integral part of our life, without its flora we would not exist. The jungle world is a creative spirit, with its herbs, trees, flowers, fruits and plants – all together they give harmony to our world. Humanity is doing creative work using the ingredients invented by nature which allow us to feel our primary essence. Wilderness cocktail takes us to a world of wild and natural flavours, with ingredients of Spanish origin.

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