Urban Bar Retro Coupe 1920 7.75oz / 22cl

Urban Bar Retro Coupe 1920 7.75oz / 22cl image 1

Categoria: Copos

Sub-categoria: Copos de coquetel

Capacity to washline (ml): 170
Capacity to brim (ml): 210
Height (mm): 144
Width (mm): 80
Product code: UB2976
Website: https://www.urbanbar.com/

Produtor: Urban Bar

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Retro Coupe Glass 1920 21cl


This classic coupe from Urban Bar features vintage etching around the bowl, which is designed to mimic the effect of bubbles in the glass. The pulled stem means there is no joint connecting the stem to the bowl of the glass.

The Urban Bar 1920's range spans across many different glassware styles, including coupe, Nick and Nora, and martini glasses.

Dishwasher Safe.