Destilarias & produtores (as)

Nolet Distillery image

Nolet Distillery

The Nolet family still sources all its wheat neutral spirit (WNS) from the same supplier Carolus' grandfather bought from. Over the decades, the two companies

Hendrick's Gin Palace Distillery image

Hendrick's Gin Palace Distillery

There are few drinks that have the mystery, allure, and controversy of absinthe. Once a symbol of inspiration, creative freedom and untamed imagination,

Royal Oak Distillery image

Royal Oak Distillery

With the capacity to produce two million litres of pure alcohol (6 million bottles) annually, Royal Oak is Ireland's sixth largest distillery and was the

Never Never Distilling Co. image

Never Never Distilling Co.

Now an iconic Aussie gin, loved for its boldness and personality, Never Never Distilling was founded in a 16sqm garage by three mates – Tim Boast, George

Destilaria Nolet image

Destilaria Nolet

Monkey 47 image

Monkey 47

Our thanks to all at Monkey 47 Gin for making the inaugural Difford's Guide Invitational cocktail competition via our Cocktail Builder possible – one

Four Pillars Distillery image

Four Pillars Distillery

In May 2022 Four Pillars opened the expansion to its Healesville Distillery, dubbed Healesville 2.0. Rather than simply add more space for visitors though,

Avallen image


Avallen is a Calvados made from 40 varieties of apple grown in La Manche, a Calvados Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée region of Normandy that has been

Angostura image


Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert (1796-1870) was a German doctor who sought adventure. He tended troops in the Napoleonic Wars, including the Battle of

Slane Castle & Distillery image

Slane Castle & Distillery

Slane Irish Whiskey is made at the ancestral home of the Conyngham family, it's a sprawling estate on the River Boyne that has been their family seat since

Girolamo Luxardo image

Girolamo Luxardo

Established by Girolamo Luxardo in 1821 to produce Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, 200 years later this highly regarded liqueur is still made by this family.

Ron Santiago de Cuba image

Ron Santiago de Cuba

Casa Del Daiquiri (House of Daiquiri) brings to life the ultimate Daiquiri experience. From La Floridita across seven countries, world-class bartenders

Ramsbury image


The team at Ramsbury Estate are dedicated to producing single estate spirits using sustainable practices.

La Fee image

La Fee

The story of La Fée is inextricably linked to one man's discovery of absinthe at a time when it was either banned or thought to be banned in much of the

Good Things Brewing Co. image

Good Things Brewing Co.

Founded by Chris Drummond in 2018, Good Things is striving to be one of the world's most sustainable breweries and uses in-house designed, custom-built

Alexandrion image


From Romania to Greece, Brazil to New York, Nawaf Salameh, founder of Romania-based drinks producer Alexandrion Group, has established business in six

Licor 43 image

Licor 43

Spain's bestselling export liqueur, which is distributed in more than 80 markets worldwide, Licor 43 remains a family-owned business and the recipe is

Amaro Montenegro image

Amaro Montenegro

Montenegro's complex citrus-led bitter-sweetness lends itself to a wide range of cocktails besides aperitivos as illustrated by the broad selection below.

Hacienda Patrón (NOM 1492) image

Hacienda Patrón (NOM 1492)

Now in its fifth year, 'Margarita of the Year' is Patrón Tequila's continuing global search for the perfect twist on the classic Margarita recipe. Which

Nc'nean image


Founded by Annabel Thomas in 2013, Nc'nean is a zero-waste distillery situated in a remote area of Scotland's west coast on the Morvern peninsula.