London Camden City Guide

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Camden's grungy facade, its world-famous market and its general appeal to generation after generation of non-conformists and 'alternatives' means it plays a unique part in London's sub-culture. The West End feels a long way from here, with its apparent sophistication, glamour and money suddenly seeming painfully conventional.

Here, in this enclave east of Regent's Park, goths in Doc Martens and long leather coats mingle with new age festival goers, clubbers in DayGlo colours and rebels of all ages. There are dogs on strings, alternative street performers, cheap food stalls and the scent of incense, and often marijuana, hangs in the air.

This is a place that attracts - and caters to - people seeking an lifestyle that's simply not about the same-old chain shops, commuting to an office or 2.4 children. Wake up and smell the patchouli.

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