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2505 Monarch St. Building 22,
United States

Hangar One is named after the distillery’s rented space at the old Alameda Naval Air Station in California. The huge hangar sits on the edge of a disused runway (now a bird sanctuary) overlooking the Bay with panoramic views of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco.

Originally established 2001 in the neighbouring hangar, Hangar One is the brainchild of two revered Californian craft distillers, Jörg Rupf of St. George Spirits and Ansley Coale of Germain-Robin brandy. They, aided by the enthusiasm and care of revered distiller, Lance Winters, used eaux-de-vie distilling techniques to create vodka with real character, and flavoured vodkas with genuine distilled flavour rather than essence flavoured.

In 2010 Jorg Rupf and partners sold the Hangar One brand to Proximo Spirits and in May 2014 St. George Spirits stopped making the vodka with production moving to the next door hanger which is also home to Faction Brewing.

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