Cambus Distillery

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Diageo plc

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Station Road,
FK10 2NZ
Clackmannanshire, Scotland
United Kingdom

Originally founded in 1806 to distill malt whisky, Cambus Distillery was re-equipped to produce grain whisky in 1837. Forty years later Cambus was one of the six Lowland grain distillers that combined to form the Distillers Company, the foundation of modern day Diageo.

A 7 Year Old “Cambus Patent Still Grain Whisky” was launched in 1906 with the accompanying advertising slogan, “Not a headache in a gallon”. This resulted in pot still malt whisky producers who felt threatened by this comparatively lighter challenger contesting its right to be called ‘whisky’. A Royal Commission eventually ruled that spirit produced from malted and/or unmalted barley using patent (column) or pot stills could be termed whisky.

A fire which broke out during the night on the 23rd September 1914 destroyed much of the distillery. It remained closed until being completely rebuilt at the cost of £275,000 to reopen 24 years later in 1938. Sadly, Cambus closed for good in 1993 and stocks of this single grain whisky are now scarce and increasingly collectible.

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