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United Kingdom

Mannochmore is a relatively young Speyside distillery (built 1971) which is rarely bottled as a single malt. The distillery is situated in a picturesque area close to the Village of Birnie, a few miles south of Elgin, directly behind the Victorian Glenlossie Distillery, also owned by Diageo. Mannochmore Distillery take its name (pronounced ‘man-och-moor’) from Mannoch Hill, along the northern slope of which the whole Glenlivet region lies. This is also where the distillery draws its water used for distilling.

Mannochmore and Glenlossie share the same cask warehouse and dark grains plant which processes the by-products from the distilleries to make cattle feed.

Monnochmore was mothballed between 1985 and 1989 amid rumours that it would not reopen. Thankfully it did and then rumours abounded that Glenlossie would be closed, partly fuelled by its closure for refurbishment in 1991. Thankfully both distilleries remain operational.

The first official Mannochmore Distillery bottling was released in 1992 as part of Diageo’s Flora & Fauna series. The distillery is noted for its very clear wort and long fermentations, which combined with high copper contact during distillation produces the clean, fruity character associated with Mannochmore single malt. The distillery also makes Loch Dhu single malt whisky, aged in double-charred casks this was first distilled in 1986 and introduced in 1996.

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