Distillerie A Rivière Pilote (La Mauny)

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Bellonnie Bourdillon et Successeurs

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Rivière Pilote,

La Mauny was established in 1749 and bears the name of Ferdinand Poulain, Count de Mauny, who came to Martinique at the beginning of the 18th century and created a plantation in southern Martinique, the driest and sunniest part of the island. When the Bellonnie brothers took over the estate in 1920 they established the distillery. The brand did good as La Mauny is now the best-selling rum on the island.

In keeping with the Martinique appellation, La Mauny is made from sugar cane juice, not molasses, and the rums are distilled once only, using a twelve metre high column still.

For many years now La Mauny has been matured in casks previously used to age cognac. This tends to make La Mauny drier in style than most other Martinique rums, which are generally aged in ex-bourbon casks.

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