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The Flavour Blaster Mini Kit is perfect for home use. Create edible bubbles, fragrant mist and aromatic clouds for cocktails and desserts!

Uses patented technology and is proudly manufactured in the UK.

The Flavour Blaster is the brainchild of Colin Meyers and Robert Flunder, who wanted to introduce some theatricality to the cocktail experience. With their combined experience in hospitality and manufacturing, as well as input from specialist flavour scientists and world renowned mixologist Simone Caporale, they launched the first edition of the Flavour Blaster to rave reviews in 2018.

An 'aroma gun', it creates edible smoke filled bubbles using authentic aromas - providing a unique drinking experience and spectacular cocktails!

The Flavour Blaster Mini Kit has been specifically designed for home use, and is a lighter, smaller version of the Pro 2 Kit which is for professional use. It comes beautifully packaged and we think it makes a rather special gift for a Discerning Drinker!

The Flavour Blaster Mini Kit comes with:

- 1x Flavour Blaster Mini

- 1x Micro USB Charging Cable

- 2x Tank (Disposable Only)*

- 2x Aroma (10ml) Citrus & Passion Fruit

- 1x Bubble X 60ml

- 1x Bubble X Bowl

- 1 year limited guarantee covering parts & labour on the Flavour Blaster

* Please be aware the Mini Kit is only compatible with the disposable tank. A new disposable tank is required for each aroma.

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Buy direct from

Difford's Guide
In stock
$269.93 USD
Shipping costs calculated at checkout.

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