Bermar Le Verre de Vin+ Dual Portable Tower

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Categoria: Equipamento e utensílios para bar

Product code: Model No. BC06P (base plate not depicted in image above)
Height (mm): 518
Width (mm): 226
Depth (mm): 375
Gas used: yes

Produtor: Bermar

If you drink or serve wine, or make cocktails, a Bermar preservation system is a must-have. If you’re a cocktail bartender then I’d recommend a Compact under-bar unit but this Dual Portable Tower, which combines still and sparkling systems, can sit on any counter with a nearby power supply.

Bermar wine preservation systems have been around since 1991 but this family-owned and run British company have continuously upgraded and remodelled their machines with the latest now incorporating their ePreserve chip, replacing mechanical systems.

This model is the “Dual” Tower, and is so named as it offers both still and sparkling wine preservation systems in the one unit.

Still wines/vermouth/sherry/port

After you have opened a bottle and poured a glass of wine, to preserve, insert one of Bermar’s still wine eStoppers to plug the bottle. (The system also works with Vacu Vin stoppers but the purpose-made eStoppers better protect the machine from damage.)

You then simply hold the eStopper against the still wine spigot on Le Verre de Vin and the machine pumps air out of the bottle to leave a vacuum in the headspace of the bottle so ensuring the wine is protected against damage due to oxygenation.

The technology behind the ePreserve chip continually assesses the pressure within the bottle and stops pumping at a specific pressure, delivering sufficient vacuum to protect the wine but not so strong that it will damage the wine. Vin hand pumps and inferior mechanical systems can literally suck the goodness out of the wine.

Once resealed the wine remains good to drink for up to 21 days.

The built-in vacuum pump is mains powered, so other than electricity, needs no ongoing supplies to operate.

Sparkling wines & champagne

After opening, insert one of Bermar’s sparkling eStoppers into the top of the bottle and push the clamp under the flange on the neck of the bottle to secure. (The flange on the bottle that previously held the wire cage that retained the cork.) Then push the eStopper against the sparkling wine spigot on Le Verre de Vin and the machine releases pressurised carbon dioxide into the bottle to fill the headspace, repressurising the bottle and protecting the wine against damage due to oxygenation.

As with the still wine system, the ePreserve technology continually assesses the pressure in the bottle while repressurising and stops the gas when a specific pressure is reached.

The carbon dioxide is delivered from a standard 425g SodaStream cylinder held within the tower. These are readily available, and it takes only a minute or so to replace.

We experimented with two bottles of Taittinger Brut Champagne purchased at the same time and stored alongside each other in the same fridge. After a day in the fridge, we opened one bottle, poured two glasses, resealed and re-pressurised the bottle before returning it to the fridge. After two weeks we opened both bottles and compared the wines. On a blind tasting, I picked the wrong glass as being from the re-sealed bottle.


Both still and sparkling eStoppers fit standard half bottles, full-size bottles, and even most magnum bottles, be they screw cap, driven cork or stopper.

Bermar’s system preserves wine but it can’t rejuvenate it. Similarly, once a cut apple has turned brown no amount of lemon juice will restore its colour. Hence, this system works brilliantly if you reseal and preserve bottles immediately after pouring. Any delay will allow the wine to deteriorate.

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