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The Old Grain Store,
4 Pymmes Mews,
N13 4PF
Greater London
United Kingdom

In 2013, Ian Puddick, a management consultant and owner of a pipe leak detection company, bought some run-down properties in Pymmes Mews (a small cobbled mews in London’s Palmers Green) to renovate to become a new home for his businesses. These included The Old Bakery complete with a 140ft tall brick chimney, The Old Stables, which once housed the horse and cart stables for the bakery next door, and The Old Grain Store, which was the general store for the bakery.

The Old Bakery’s chimney turned out to be unsafe so had to demolished and its removal opened up a legal can of worms, as it transpired that the Land Registry had erroneously stated that the chimney belonged to a neighbouring domestic home. While researching why this had happened, Ian discovered that 100+ years ago the old bakery had a secret gin still so he set about once again making gin there – this time legally. Appropriately, the gin is called Old Bakery Gin.

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